Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tiny Tot Warfare

I just had to write about this today. In my line of work, I see many stupid things. The most popular is how parents treat their children.

I have see parents smack bottoms, take children to the bathroom (and you know the kid doesn't have to potty), seen a spatula brought from home (it sat on the table as a warning to the child not to act up) and seen children ruling the parents.

Children ruling the parents are the worst. Not just because it isn't appropriate, but these kids are unruly, disrespectful and sometimes mean. What a lovely next generation some people are raising. The latest in this thread of children having the upper hand is: There was an adorable little girl, or I thought she was at first. The parents placed her in the high chair and all was well for about fifteen minutes. After that she was hell on two feet. She proceeded to scream like a banshee, kick like a mule and tell her parents to let her out NOW! Instead of disciplining said child, they removed her from her seat and proceeded to let her run around the table and to various other areas in the restaurant. At the risk of losing my job, I wanted to tell them to park her bratty ass.

It is dangerous to allow children to run freely around a restaurant, not to mention annoying as hell. The food on the plates is at minimum 180 degrees. The child can get burnt. The child causes a server to play "Dodge the People" and believe me it isn't a fun game. The child also annoys the other patrons of the establishment. Basically, it shows a complete lack of parental skills.

Guess what? When this kid is 16, and she is not listening to a word you say or respecting you, you are going to be whining, bitching and moaning to everyone who will listen.

Save our ears. Take control and be a Mom or Dad!

I am the take my child to the bathroom type. My boys sit at the table, do not scream, kick or cry. And if they make a mess they shouldn't make, they are the ones cleaning it up. God help my kids if they ever even thought of spreading mashed potatoes on the wall. (Yes that has happened) Their art work is limited to paper. Don't get me wrong, they are not perfect, but when we go out to dine, unless it is Chuck E. Cheese, they behave or else.

Tell me about some of your child experiences while dining out. I am most curious to hear new stories.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tip Jar Wonders

Speaking as a person who survives on tips, I have noticed a huge crop of Tip Jars. Placed at some relatively unique locations. So I wonder now, are people just using tips jars for extra cash?

I went into a Dunkin Donuts. There was one by a cash register. I know for a fact that the people that work there make above minimum wage. So does handy a fat lady like me a donut require a tip? I mean, your paying a dollar a donut as it is, so what would you tip? and why?

Do the random tip jars make a mockery of the people who are actually in need of a tip? Is the result of numerous jars at outrageous locations the reason for dwindling tip amounts? Basically, are people getting tired of tipping?

You tip your hair dresser, the bell hop, your server and several other occupations. Now we are supposed to tip a cashier?
I am not saying this to degrade the random jars, hell I don't care if someone is trying to make an extra buck or two. That is what I am trying to do every day at work. But if we don't tip the cashier at the grocery store, why should we tip out someone at a donut shop? They do less then the grocery clerk does.

The next thing you know there will be a tip jar at the doctors office, the bank and the insurance company. In my opinion they all get too much of our money anyway. If they start using the random Tip Jar, are they in anymore rights then the before mentioned cashier?

Just some curious questions that have been flitting through my mind. Crazy, I know, but hey that is me.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Are You Clear?

Are you clear on etiquette around the world? A friend of mine sent me this little quiz. Take it. Enjoy. And learn some interesting facts. For those that are thinking of avoiding the Quiz. It is only ELEVEN questions okay? LOL

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Power Tripping

In my particular restaurant, we have employees called "Keys". Basically, a Key is a person who excels at customer service, their job and can do several positions in the store. I am a Key. I can serve, bar tend, prep, dish wash and do Fry/Salad(busy ass back line cook position). I love that. It is a tough and honored position to have in a store. Because a Key can do all of these different positions they are honored occasionally with a high hourly wage and day where they work as the boss.

It is a difficult position to be in at times. For if you cannot handle being the boss for a day and then returning to your usual position amongst your peers, being Key is not for you.

There is one server that I work with, whom most of the restaurant despises. I have given him the benefit of the doubt. Tried to see the good side. Today, I failed and lost my temper. The bosses think he is great. He is not. He is a sub par server, not eloquent with guests and is lazy to the point of ticking off ever server he is stuck in a section with. Not to mention the hosts would love to string him up by his toes, upside down from a tree and beat him silly.

The other day, the bosses made him Key.

I will admit, minus his ability to speak to his co-workers correctly, he did a very good job. For once, I saw him bus tables, actually talk to guests and run food. I was impressed to see him actually working hard for a change.

Needless to say, he managed to basically tick off all of the servers tonight. I am glad I was boss lady tonight. The only thing I saw him doing wrong was marching down the server line and barking orders to clean this, stock that, like a drill Sargent. I am pretty sure I don't wish to be in his shoes tomorrow morning when he returns to server status.

I served this morning, bar tended in the afternoon and was Key at night. I had a busy day.

I ended up telling the new Key off in the morning shift. We were both serving and he snatched a tray of food, for my table, that I was going to run and told me to stand there and wait for the next food to come out of the window. Not smart. Being I am a natural red head, I am blunt to a fault and I have a temper to compile it all together. This is the response he earned.

"Don't tell me how to do my fucking job, (insert dumb ass' name here). Piss off!"

I went directly to my boss and said, "I let (insert insulting name here) tick me off and I let him have it. Just in case he says something to you. Not going to deny it. He deserved it. You can write me up if you want."

The new "Key" had no response. He is not used to people telling them what they think of him or his attitude. His eyes got wide and he looked shocked. If he knew me, he wouldn't be shocked at all.