Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take Me Out

Ever go to a nicer restaurant and order take out? I used to only think of take out as Chinese or when my table would order an additional item to take home. Not anymore.

Last night I bar tended. I am the relief bartender. I actually enjoy it more then serving, but don't tell anyone. ;o) Last night I got my ass kicked. Seriously. I appreciate our bartenders more now. No longer will I stand impatiently waiting for a drink. I finally was busy enough when I bar tended to see exactly what they are going through.

Not sure about some places, but in ours, our bartenders not only have the bar, they have four tables and they take care of the take out orders. A lot of work for three dollars an hour. Thankfully, some people tip on take out orders. Which is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, other do not.

I have been reading up on this subject before I write about it. The general consensus is that 10% is fair and I highly agree with that. There is nothing like being on a roll and dishing out drinks to suddenly stop everything to take a phone call. Rather irritating really. Not that I mind taking the calls, it is that they just seem to arrive at the worst possible times.

My bar was full last night, not a seat empty. My tables were full as well. And at one point I had five take out patrons standing, waiting patiently for me to cash them out and give them their food. I kept my cool, but boy was I ever wanting to be able to stop just for a moment and breathe. Didn't happen.

The funny thing is, I ordered a take out cheesecake for myself. And wouldn't you know it, I didn't tip myself and I forgot the damn thing at work. God's way of telling me my fat ass doesn't need take out I guess.

Thankfully last night all of the take out orders were very patient and nice. So if you can't tip your take out person. At least be nice.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cell Phone Frenzy

Basically I haven't had too much to write about, things have been reality normal at work at least.

Though today, there was a high number of cell phone users. Cell phones don't really bother me. Hell I own one. What bothers me is how people go about using them. People are just down right inconsiderate about it.

Several of my tables today, sat down. When I greeted them, their phones rang. No excuse me, not even to their table guests. I was trying to get a drink order at one table. I finally just looked at the cell phone users lunch companion and stated. "I will be back shortly."

I am not going to stand there at any table and wait for someone to acknowledge me when they feel like it. If you don't want someone to wait on you, why do you go out to a sit down restaurant? It makes no sense. Are people so oblivious to anyone but themselves, that they can't even order their meal?

It seriously irks me. I get tired of going to a table, not even being able to say Hello. And BAM! A phone rings. I have seen a table of two people, have and entire meal, while one person is on the phone. Just the person I want to dine with. NOT! The one table I seen that takes the cake was a family. The mom and the dad were on the phone, the oldest son had an IPod in his ear, their daughter had a Blue Tooth in her ear, the youngest daughter was watching a portable DVD player and the youngest son was playing a portable Nintendo. Not a single soul spoke to each other except to order their meal. I know this is the Age of Convenience, but good grief. These people needed to spend their time as a family. I would hate being them and waking up one morning and have not a single fun family dinner moment.

What are your opinions on that one?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Same Song Woes

Sorry I have been Missing In Action so to speak. Just been caught up in real life. Working six days a week. Hell my kids are lucky if I see them. Now on to the purpose of the title.

Have you ever been to a restaurant on your birthday? Better yet, do you work in one that has that stupid ass birthday song? God I hate ours. I had a contest with several servers one day. We were arguing over whose birthday song was the worst. I am happy to report.. or maybe unhappy to report ... I was the winner of the worst song!! I received a round of "I'm sorry's!" Truly it was funny as hell.

Not only is the birthday boy or gal embarrassed, so are the singers. We have to ignore our guests to go sing a seriously annoying song. To make ourselves feel better though, we have created our own versions and variations of the song we have to sing. Though we usually sing it about people who annoy us. Not always our guests. I have sang the song, or rather my version of it, dedicated to many a co-worker who has annoyed me beyond belief.

Here is my version. It is personally for people who piss me off. Enjoy!

Fried chicken,
Broken glass,
Your so stupid,
Kiss my ass.

The beauty of this song is, that when I sing it, my co-workers who have annoyed me think I am making fun of the song. Little do they know. The joke is on them.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Sinners

Before I even begin, I am issuing a warning. I am going to bitch, whine, moan and complain. I am not up for trying to educate or humor. I am pissed and going let go, because this is my platform.

Remember, I warned you before you began reading.

I am sick of working Sunday mornings. They are literally the worst day of the week to work. Nothing but parities and grouchy ass people. They are also the worst tip days.

I do believe, and I am not attacking religion here, that church going Bible thumping people are the worst to wait on. They look at you and ask, why aren't you in church? DO you believe in God? Of course I do. Every Sunday, every server is looked at like we are the anti-Christ because we aren't in church. And all I want to do is ask them, who the hell would be here to wait on you if I had been in church? I would love to go and spend time at church with my children. But every Sunday, I send my kids off on the church bus and I go to work. And every Sunday the restaurant fills up with grouchy people, shitty tippers and cheap assholes.

At least half of the tables this morning were filled with grouchy people. Seriously. I mean, if you don't like getting up on your day off and it makes you rude to those you encounter. Sleep in dammit and wake up in a better mood. Keep your pamphlets, fliers or whatever you call them. We don't want them. I believe in God and a higher power. But he doesn't pay my bills or feed my children. I do.

No matter how bad my day is, (and believe me, I have some bad ones. Read my real life blog for proof.) and no matter who I meant. I put a smile on my face. Whether it is at work or not. I can be a full frontal bitch, not gonna lie. But rude people annoy me.

Ugh! Okay, I think I have bitched enough. Why don't you tell me some of your rude people experiences that set you off in a bad way? and how you dealt with them.