Saturday, May 26, 2007

Proper Behaviour

I know I have touched base on this subject more then once, but some things in my opinion, need repeating.

I am not only referring to please and thank you, but as for personal behaviour and the behaviour of your children. I saw children today, that if they had been my own, we would have been taking a walk to the bathroom. And they would not have be using the potty. One child, in particular, controlled the whole table. No one could do anything without consulting the child's opinion. She was four. These parents need to get a clue. I am all for raising children to be independent and self reliant, but when your child controls you? Not a good thing. These parents need to realize that when this girl grows up to be a teenager, all hell will break lose. Then they are going to be standing around whining to their friends about, "I don't know where I went wrong." Being a parent is more then about being a friend. You have to be the adult and act like it. Sucks I know, but unless you want to contribute to a world that already has good declining and bad gaining, you and everyone else needs to gain control of our children.

I read on another blog about one of these days the good people of the world were going to finally get fed up and kick butt. Eliminating the bad. Sad to say that if the good did try to disperse with the bad, I believe that some of the so called "Good" people could possibly end up corrupt. There for bringing us right back to where we began. But I have left the original subject. Sorry about that. Tend to ramble when trying to get my meaning across.

Back to my main point, children need to be children. And though they should be the center of your world, they shouldn't rule it. Pass the word.

"Children.... worth more then the world, just don't let them rule it yet."

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Too Many Days Off

Due to real life and baby sitter blues.. I got an unexpected vacation that I didn't want and most definitely didn't need. Since I have no current events to write about concerning work here is an older post from my old blog brought up for you to hopefully enjoy.

Since the title of this blog is Losers and Winners, I will start with the losers, since I like winners and want to end my posts on a positive note.

Today's featured losers are the 60 dollar check and the 5 dollar tippers. They sit down at your table already mad, because they had to wait. Not understanding that if you get seated to quickly, not only will you get bad service, because your waitress is slammed, but you could also crash the kitchen and then everyone will have to wait for a really long time to get their food. So just because you have to wait for 10 minutes before you get seated, doesn't mean that the hostess doesn't want to give you a table. Or that we don't want your business. It means we try to run at a steady even pace. That way, when you finally get to sit at the table, you won't have to wait for anything. So don't take it out on your server. This particular table was pissed off from the get go. I tried to make them smile, I was nothing but friendly, polite and courteous. But they were mad and nothing short of buying their meal would have made them happy. But since everything was cooked properly, and they never had to ask for a refill and nothing but their bad attitude kept them from smiling. They took it out on me. They were rude, inconsiderate and to top it off cheap. I hope you come across this site and read 15 percent minimum is the proper tip you jerk. Also, I am there to take care of your needs, doesn't mean I am there to be treated rudely. I say this, because no matter how much a table ticks me off, I am never rude to them. It is not my nature to treat guests at my place of business as crappy as they treat me. Why not? you ask. Well because my grandmother raised me and she taught me manners. Basically the one thing a lot of people lack these days. If you don't know what manners are, I suggest you take your sour ass to the library(if you know what that is) and find a book that will teach you what they are. They are located in the self help section. IF you still can't find find the book to teach you these basic fundamental skills, ask the librarian. She will know where the book you need is located. If you don't know what a librarian is the woman sitting behind the BIG desk with a computer in front of him or her. Okay done talking of ignorant idiots.

Now for the winners of today. Today's featured winners where a young married couple, who teased me that they were just on a date. Too cute. I found out she liked to cook, so I gave her my email and we are going to exchange recipes through email. I just have to say I love friendly people. The true kind that come out to dinner and when you try to talk to them or take their order and they do not act as if you are an inconvenience because you need to speak to them. So I must give this particular table a 5 star rating. As well as many thank you's for being so nice.
Now for today's positive reinforcement statement...

"Friendliness... It's not just an can be genuine too."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hard Days Night

No I am not talking about the Cafe' LOL. It was the third busiest day in the restaurant business. Let me say.. ordered chaos. It is the days I live for, work wise that is. Everything and everyone running rapidly around, guests coming and going quickly, no campers today. The cooks were on it, ticket times were great. Structure was around, but chaos abounded. I love any holiday time when your a server. Grumpy guests are at a minimum, happy people make for a more entertaining atmosphere. It makes your long day just fly by and your body sore by the end of the night. Heaven and Hell, just like life.

You can make better money on holidays as well, but it isn't just about that, well at least not for this server. As I have stated before, I am a single mom. My boys are my priority and that is wonderful to me. My outside life consists of work, so when I have a happy day at work, it is like going out with my girlfriends and having a few drinks. It is fun. I had some of the most crazy people in my section tonight. All of them with a sense of humor. I mean if you get my jokes, you rock. I tend to make fun of myself, for everyone should be able to find the humor in themselves before they can truly appreciate the humor of others. So if I tell you I forgot something because I color my hair too much and wonder if you think I should sue Miss Clariol and you laugh. You are my type of guests. I can then have a mini laugh show with you, hell the other night I played a prank on my table. Bad of me to be sure, but they got me back and played a prank on me. But it was fun, we laughed, they went home happy and I went off to clean with a smile on my face. I love it. I know I do alot of pure Bitching in my posts, but days like today, I can only smile and say "I love my job!"

"Humour....not just a chuckle, not just a laugh, but a smile on the face as well as in the heart."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Scheduled at Home Today

So my son, who is four goes "Mommy you don't have to work today." It is a statement not a question. Unfortunately I am not working today. I usually have the same schedule every week, but business is lagging and everyone's hours have been cut. It sucks. It is worse when a four year old notices. He is pretty adjusted to when I leave and when I come home. Personally, I like that. It means no screaming fits (which some children do), no questions as to when I will be home, just a plain, but wonderful "Bye Mom, love you!"

The disaster is that if I work less, there is less money incoming. In a single income family with three boys, who all eat like pigs, that is a huge disaster. Thank God one thing is for certain in the service industry. Someone always wants to go home.

It is true, for every server you see smiling at you or walking around with a bounce in their step.. there is two in the back bitching that they had to be here today. It is one of the things I do not and probably never will understand. How can someone who makes their money only by the generosity of others afford to take a day off? I have only missed work three times in five years. And only because I had no choice. One time I threw out my back, went to the Emergency Room that day and was back on the floor in utter pain the next day.

Such is life. I must say work has been rather smooth sailing lately, with the exception of a man telling me I was pretty and had a very sexy derriere nothing much has happened, though since I am not working as much as I like, that could be the reason.

"When life hands you lemons.. .. throw them back and demand it make the lemonade for you!"