Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On My Knees!!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Don't even deny it. You know you went there, didn't ya?

My knees have been bugging me for about a year now. I figure it is because I am not the smallest woman. I have said more then once that I have a fat ass. Well I have fat everywhere, happens when you are overweight. But ten years of working on my feet, my year long pain, has come to a one week climax. And not the good kind either. My left knee has been hurting so bad that walking on it is damn near impossible. Pain pills do NOT help either.

Since I am ever the loyal employee, I haven't missed work despite the never ending pain. As I am working, I limp along, quickly as possible. Smiling at each of my tables and making sure refills are poured. Not to mention every other detail my job requires. I have had a few tables ask me what is wrong. I explain. They proceed to sympathize and leave me $3 on $50. Floors me every time. I have said in the past, if I deserve a bad tip from a table, I will say so. I know when I screw up, slack off or just plain forget. Hey I am human, no where near perfect. But to short tip a person who is in obvious pain, yet made sure your experience was perfect?? Really? Are we as a society that big of assholes?

Beginning to think so.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teenage Terrors!

I don't know why I expect teenagers to have been educated on tipping. I guess I still have some childish faith that parents actually educate their children in the way of the world and how it works. Then I remember that the parents are just as dumb in worldly ways. Weekends at the mall are when teenagers abound. Not only in pairs, but in packs. They are like wolves. Horny wolves.

The girls walk around with shorts so far up their butts, that there is no secret as to what is under the denim. If you think that's bad, the boys walk around with their butts literally hanging out of their pants and think that it makes them look cool. Seriously? Haven't any of them seen "Clueless"? Even Cher thought it was tacky. She was a fashion Diva! Not to forget, that movie is over ten years old. If that style was outdated in the movie, what makes anyone think it is fashionable now. As if it ever was to begin with. I shake my head in bewilderment.

So every day and every shift, horny teenagers, trying to impress each other, come into my restaurant. Boys look at the girls and say, "Order what you want." Girls giggle and say, "I'm really not that hungry." Then they order no less then $30.00 worth of food. Receive the bill and freak. Then they pay it with Mommy and Daddy's credit card, steal my pen and run out the damn door. One of these days I am going to snap. I just know it. I am going to think, "Screw this job." Quit and chase the miserable brats out the door. I know I will. I am getting older and my patience is growing thinner. I am beginning to comprehend why old people are bitchy. They are tired of the stupidity too.

I was complaining about how teenagers don't tip to my brother. His daughter, aka my niece was sitting their listening. She said, "Wow. I am going to make sure my friends tip from now on. We never did before." I about died. For Pete's sake, her father is the General Manager of a restaurant. SHE should have always known better. I almost smacked her father. Really I did.

Apparently I have morons in my family and the mall. Go figure.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phase Me Outta Here!!!!

So I was re-reading some of my recent work and realized I have been a bit to philosophical. Here I thought I was bitchy and rude and doing my damnedest to get my point across. Pretty sure I was failing. Because I have had and even larger amount of worthless idiots either entering my place of employment or working there themselves. Now I know it doesn't sound nice to bad mouth your co-workers. Really don't care. Not many of them give a shit about me anyways. I know the ones who do versus the ones who don't. Before you judge me, look about at your place of employment and tell me if there isn't someone there you wouldn't like to slap on a daily basis and I will call you a liar.

Today's rant is going back to the same old situation of not phasing or cutting the floor down on servers. Thirteen servers on a Saturday night in the midst of summer is not only too much, but down right stupid. If you don't have any faith in your serving staff, you better hire new ones and squeeze out the worthless ones right away.

We had ten servers on a lunch shift that was so dead I heard a napkin hit the floor. The floor is carpeted. When I asked the manager of the shift if he was considering sending people home soon he replied nonchalantly "Nope." So I asked, "Particular reason why not?" He answered, "So everyone has a chance to make money."

That pissed me off so badly that I wanted to smack him silly. I mean really??!! That doesn't allow for anyone to make money. When the restaurant is like that, people would rather go home then stay there for four hours to make $15. I worked a five hour shift and after tip out I made....drum roll please......$30!!! That doesn't even cover my gas for the week.

So, I knew tonight was going to be pointless. I was in a crappy section, and set to be one of the first to leave. I was fed up and pissed off and had something else I would rather do. So asked if I could have the night off. I might add, different manager this time. She said, "No. We are going to be busy." Well her psychic abilities suck ass, because again we were dead and I got to stay there for... another drum roll if you please....almost 4 hours and make.. $11 dollars!!! If I could, I would call in tomorrow and tell them to go fuck themselves. But I am the type that just has to have another job under her belt first.

Sucks being responsible.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Date Or Not To Date

I have been doing some research. Actually I have been doing a lot of research, but alas that is another story for another time. I recently re-entered the dating world. I had no idea how hard it is to meet someone nowadays. It's extremely difficult. Especially if you want to meet someone somewhat normal. If we even know what the true definition of normal is anymore.

So I have been researching how people meet. As a waitress, server, whatever you want to call it, you meet people, new ones everyday. But should you date someone you met at your work? Do you want the person you are just starting to talk to and date to even know where you work? I made a decision and jumped right on in. He has my number and I have his. We have been texting. I must say, as for looks, he is the hottest man I have ever had interested in me. Just hope I am not blind to the safety issues. Even if there are safety issues. Curiosity gets to me sometimes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet N Low Blow

I had to do one of the most disgusting jobs a server has to do, the other day. I was encouraged to scrap gum off of the underside of tables. Because even though this is the year 2010, people are still tacky and nasty. One creative person used a package of Sweet N Low for his/her gum. Then stuck the gum to the table. Let me say that was sooooo much fun to remove. Nothing like having white powder flying everywhere. Looked like cocaine floating in the air. Like when you see it on one of the CSI shows.

Here were are in the years of technology and we have lost the ability to use a paper napkin??? Seriously. I manage to catch my 7 year old all the time trying to use his pants. Drives me absolutely bonkers, especially since there is a napkin right next to his plate. I am pretty sure his mess hands were right by the plate when he was reaching for his food. Have napkins become taboo? I ask this, because every meal I say "Use your napkin please." Every meal, he tries to sneak and use his pants. Is it a boy thing? Is my son brain damaged? Or are we as technology gets advanced, regressing?

To quote a famous commercial. "The world may never know."