Saturday, April 28, 2007

Verbal Abuse Is Still Abuse

Just to let you know before I even start telling about the latest adventure, it was not a good one and if you don't like bad, bad language, just stop reading now.

I have seen some awful people in my day as a server. This guy that I had the "pleasure" (sarcasm) of serving tonight made me wish I could quit on the spot. He was a gigantic ASSHOLE! Not only was he ugly in the physical sort of way, his personality did nothing to approve upon his appearance. This jerk walks in with three attractive women. I seat them in my section, because I am a closer and unfortunately for me, it was my turn. He starts bitching right away about the table he is sitting at, when he picked the damn thing.

"I don't want a booth," snidely he comments.

"If a table is more to your liking, how is this one?" I politely offer a close one.

"No I want that one over there, don't you have a bigger table?"

"I can make any of these tables bigger for you if you like." I reply.

"Fine, I want this one. And I want it made larger now."

Now I am thinking, "Well if your fat ass stomach wasn't so fucking big you wouldn't need a bigger table."

Everyone seats themselves immediately after I expand the table to go with this jerks expanding waistline. Since I work for a corporation, I have things I am required to say to each table.

"So have you ever dined at a _____ before?"

"Of course we have, that is why we come back. Why do every time I come in here someone asks me the same damn question?" was his asinine reply.

"I am sorry sir, we ask everyone that in order to know whether to inform them or not about how generously we season our steaks. It is a tradition not to have a steak sauce on our table. Also, some guests do not like a large amount of seasoning for digestive reasons. It is our way of letting us know whether or not to inform you."

"Well that is just plain stupid. Just take our order I want to eat." hillbilly style.

"May I start you out with something....."

"You can stop talking now, I will have a sweet tea.. ect"

Rude ass! He was talking to me from then on out as if I was a sixth grader and that I would mess up everything. He proceeds to order for himself and one of the women at the table. The woman is looking embarrassed. She starts to say she likes something that he requested be left off of her food. He begins to treat her like an idiot and says "Fine then, we won't order the Cheese Fries." She ducks her head like she is afraid of this man.

First off, she is a nice looking woman. He was indeed an unattractive man. Not just because he is a fat ass. I have a fat ass too. He is just fucking ugly. I talk as little as possible to this table for the rest of their stay. But witnessed him talking to her. He constantly treated her like shit. Hell I bets he gives his own ass more respect when he wipes it.

I came so close to telling this egotistical bastard what I thought of him. If I had a job lined up already, I would have.

Verbal abuse is still abuse. If you sit there and let someone tear you apart emotionally and mentally you are being abused. If you cower every time someone who supposedly cares about you, speaks to you, you are being verbally abused. If you do not value yourself for who you are, and only let what everyone says to you influence you, you are not only receiving that abuse, you are inducing it upon yourself. I will tell you like I do and have all of my children. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. For if you do not love yourself for who you are, and live you life like you want too. You are not being true to yourself. Life is too damn short to sit there and let someone else control you and make your life miserable. There is too much misery and pain in life already, don't let someone add it to you.

And don't be like the affore mentioned man. He spent $82.30 and left a $4.70 tip. Talked to his woman as if she was a dog. Treated his server as if she was an idiot. Constantly walks around thinking his shit doesn't stink, but he is shit himself. Believe me.. there are enough assholes in this world. We don't need more of them.

Today's positive reinforcement statement follows.

"Karma is real and around you. Being true to yourself will surround you with those who really care."

An Adventuress

Friday, April 20, 2007

Stressed OUT and No One To Choke *old*

Well are you ready for it. I have had one heck of a day. From the time I got up until the time I got home. Days like this one just make me want to scream. As I stated in yesterdays post my car broke down. Again! Someone so nicely sold me a bad alternator. I can deal with that. But this really nice man stopped and jumped my car so I could get to my dad's to fix it. And I tell you I must have the world's most contagious Karma. He managed to lock his keys in his car while it was running. I felt so bad. He got my car to start, then he was stuck. There wasn't a single thing I could do to help him either. Very frustrating. Then the Auto Store sold me two wrong parts, and it was getting really close to time for me to go to work. So my car is still broke. Figures. I am over it. I will finally repair it fully tomorrow.

Now for what you have been waiting for, the bitching. I tell you the first class cheapskates were out tonight. Forty dollar checks and 3 dollar tips.. Apparently we as servers need to unite and say...."Ummm, excuse me..Are you on welfare? Or are you having financial troubles? If so.. I will happily give you your tip back if you need it more then me." and of course we will be thinking.. "I know you are not having financial trouble you cheap prick. Just take your insult and leave." This page of mine is really to give the uneducated a clue. But since I am not sure all of them can read, could those of you that can please help spread the word...To quote a popular song out there.."If you ain't got no money, keep your broke ass home!"

I do have to say there was one truly shining star table. I must give them the credit in this post. They were a family of four plus a cutie of a baby boy. They had their food messed up. Not by me.(self defense there lol) and I didn't get to give them my complete attention, because I got terribly busy. But I can say they didn't have to ask for refills:o) Even though not everything was perfect. They were nothing but polite, considerate and kind. They truly knew I was busy and working hard. Hell at one point I finally gave up trying to keep up. I had to leave all of my tables unattended..sometimes a server must attended to mother nature's call. Anyway..I felt that I had not done my best like I always try to do. The point I am trying to make is, that they showed me a much needed kindness. They tipped nice, but that isn't the kindness that I am referring too. The kindness they gave was understanding. Believe it or not, that meant more then the tip. Though the tip didn't hurt LOL So I hope they come across this site and read the kind things I had to say.

Considering that my posts are usually quite vicious, I know this one is a milder one. Sorry folks, just not as grouchy as I was when I first got home. I promise to be more bitchy tomorrow.

And here is today's positive reinforcement statement. Enjoy!

" is not just something you do, you can also show it."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Somewhat Ordinary Day *OLD*

Hello again you avid readers. I can honestly say I had a rather normal day. Truthfully, every table I had was so nice. So nice I even told a table of three about my web site. Bad of me I am sure. But it is nice to have tables you can talk to and that doesn't act like you are stupid. I have to give props to this particular table though. They did my favorite thing that a guest can do. They left me a note saying Excellent Service. I absolutely love when someone does that. It makes me smile. I truthfully think that is the politest thing a guest can do. It makes me think of the old days when people actually wrote thank you cards. So to today's featured Table.. out goes a HUGE Thank You for being kind, funny, and thoughtful.. Rene gives you big Kudos. They know what the Rene means, just to let the others reading that it is an inside joke. My way of letting them know for sure I am talking about them.

So today's Adventure, was really a mild one. And I am grateful, because my new car broke down for the third time and I am about to run over the man that sold it to my dad. LOL.. not really but thinking about it makes me feel better.

Rounding up.. here is today's positive reinforcement.
"Kindness... more then words, you need to give it to get it, live it to love it and show it to grow it."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Redeeming Qualities

If you read Co Worker Frenzy then you will remember me stating that I have been thinking that I was having a lack of faith in my career choice. That was never the way in the past. I enjoy my job. I believe that there are too many people out there working had for their money and hating every minute of it. Life is entirely too short to spend it completely miserable. I am a firm believer that if you don't like it, don't do it. One of my less vulgar motto's in fact. So I have been rethinking my employment choice. Self doubt is never good, no matter what it is that you are doubting about yourself. Just when I had reached my complete threshold of "Lack Of Faith" In walks redeeming qualities.

Redeeming Qualities are the people you live to serve. I had several of those tables today. These guests are the ones servers live to wait on. They are the ones that when you walk in the door, we literally get excited that we are going to serve you. And it is not just for the money. One particular table stands out above the rest. A couple with, count em up, FIVE boys. I say that loudly, because usually people with children make servers cringe. They sat down, welcomed me with a smile, made an effort to remember my name and had my personal favorite "Manners" . They were wonderful. The children were well behaved and delightful. One boy, in wanting dessert, said he had one more stomach to fill. I asked, "How many stomachs do you have?" He replied. "Ten." Trying hard not to crumble into laughter, my response was "No wonder you want dessert." Mom said no.. Understandably. But I had Teddy Grahams in reserve. He was pleased, I was tickled and mom wasn't irritated. It worked out well for us all. Seeing this family today, just reminded me why I love my job. It helped to put my spirits straight. I was so thrilled with the table I wouldn't have cared if I gotten a ten percent tip. For they were clever, polite and funny. I say "Thank You!" Your presence today was what I needed to make me happy to be at work again. I doubt they will ever read this post, but knowing someone will makes it worth working a double.

Usually I have some table to complain about. But no one really set me off. I had nothing but the redeeming tables I needed to restore my faith in love of my job.

"Just when life stretches you to the breaking point...a tenth stomach might just be your redeeming quality to restore your faith. ;)"

An Adventuress

Chuck E. Cheese and Me *old*

Well another day in the life of a waitress. But this time it was my day off and decided to spend some time at Chuck E. Cheese's surrounded by children, games and food. Go figure another restaurant. I can say that I made the choice to be there to spend quality time with my son. Since that is my main priority on my days off.

Now for the main reason I am posting this blog today. This one is to the mothers and fathers out there that take their kids to Chuck E. Cheese and let the restaurant be the babysitter. Get off of you lazy ass, quit stuffing the pizza down your throat and actually walk around and keep an eye on your children. This one woman sat on her butt while her four kids went up to the Chuck that is a robot and watched as they beat the robot with a hammer. Now the hammer was a toy, but still let me say this" Way to go!! You're really teaching your children proper public behavior. I bet your boy gets kicked out of school for being a bully someday!!"

IF you have children,, try being a parent not just a fetus carrier. Children require a lot of work and a lot of attention so if you can't handle four of them then you should have kept your legs closed, made him wear a condom, or invested in birth control. There are places out there that charge little. or are you too lazy to go? this woman sure wasn't too lazy to get laid.

I do truly wonder if there are people out there with any sense at all. But I can honestly say there were a lot of parents there today that were truly spending time with their kids, not just giving them tokens and turning them loose. The lady above was actually one of the few doing that, at least today.. So Kudos to the parents I saw today that were actually having fun with their children. When they get older they may not remember that precise moment, but if you are always doing that.. they will always remember those type of moments fondly.

Since I didn't work today and have some idiot to complain about that was my own. I will leave off until tomorrow.
Here is today's positive reinforcement statement.

"Children.. you can't help but love them. For no one can make you smile bigger or laugh harder then a child."

Co Worker Frenzy

Life and times of a waitress is not only complicated by ups and downs of good tips, bad tips or happy guests versus unhappy guests. It can also be complicated by co workers that drive you down a hill with no brakes. Some have asked me, "Why do you bitch so much in your writing?" Well I do believe that it is becoming a prerequisite to be a bitchy person in order to serve. Not necessarily because you want to complain, but sometimes I believe it is the only way people hear you sometimes. But you get thirteen servers together on a busy Friday or Saturday night and you are lucky they aren't killing each other. Multiply that by two managers running the place, four hostesses scrambling about and a regional manager who thinks everyone sucks. You end up with stressed out women, men who are avoiding them and one person who thinks they know it all and that they're perfect. Enough to drive you crazy. That is just some of the escapades that happened tonight.

Working in an ordered chaos is a challenge I love, but lately I am just not feeling my choice of profession is working for me. I know most of it is attitude, and lately my attitude stinks. I am usually happy to go to work. After all work equals money, but the co worker's are bringing me down. Hell they complain more then me, and I am proficient in complaining. This blog is to give the co workers out there a hint to start acting your age. Stop taking the last item and not replacing it.. or my personal favorite. The knives are out so you go back and grab just one. For you. Laziness is rampant in servers. Don't be fooled by the fact that you see your server moving quickly around the restaurant. They are busy, friendly and maybe even efficient, but rest assured they are annoying some one in the back out of view of your eyes. Keeping ones mouth shut at work is a job itself. No wonder I write. Stress release is useful and can keep one sane.

Well I do have a personal vent just for upper management suits who probably never waited a table in there life and think they are perfect. "Bite Me!" Just because you get paid more does not mean you are "The Man." Standing in a corner watching all of us and then pointing out every tiny mistake or cashing out our tables does not make you good at your job. Not when you are doing it intentionally. Makes you look good to the guests, but like an ass to the servers. Your opinions are valid under some circumstances, but show some leniency during the busiest nights of the week. We are above all else human.

That said, all the stress is now gone. Reinforcement statement follows.

"Bitching.....not just annoying words, but a stress release tool."

An Adventuress

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Break Cheapskates *old*

Well another day in the life of a working waitress. This time I am going to let the Spring Break butt heads have it. Can someone please tell me how you can go on vacation, drink like a fish, spend money like water, then go out to eat and sit on your ass and eat and drink more? And you can act like a first class snob when you know the next day you are going to be at the beach showing your tits to any drunk asshole who asks? Honey you can't be a snob and a slut....the combination just doesn't work. Just because you are young we as employees do not expect much as a tip.. really we don't, but if you spend forty dollars on alcohol and another forty on food and run us around in circles (yes we run in circles literally), we do expect a decent tip. This particular group had three checks two each were near a hundred dollars and they didn't even tip 10 percent. So I will say it again.. eat at the fast food restaurant.. then drink at the bar. I don't feel like being your running machine, maid and servant for free. Basically.. i think your an asshole..

Now I know I am not some cu pie doll you would rather have waiting on you do you can look at her ass while she shakes it.. (yes there are women out there that serve like that) I am however quite good at my job. So treat me and any other server who waits on you correctly. And yes I know there are servers out there that basically suck, believe me, I have worked with them.. some really bad ones are located in Bloomington, Indiana.. trust me.. not all college kids are smart. And some blonde's really are stupid. At least this one at that restaurant is, but again I am not her.
Just to give some more information, after all of our tables leave.. we clean them.. we don't' have busy boys.. that is for lower class restaurants like Bob Evans and Denny's. So not only are we your servers we are your clean up crew. When your child makes a huge mess on the floor, well that is my fat ass on my knees picking it up after you leave. Would you go to your mothers house and leave a mess like that? I don't think so.. she would kick your sorry ass. Also.. after you leave we clean everything that touches your food before you get it.. like plates spoons, knives, ramekins, dressings, salads.. . hell i could go on and on.

Okay, done venting for the day.. and prefer to leave on a positive note.
So here is today's positive reinforcement statement.
"Life is live it well, with class, with love, with adventure, with kindness and of course just a little bit of Bitching."

The Bitchin Blog *old blog, first ever*

I think I decided to make my blog site one for venting.. so if you come across this and all you read is my bitching well that is what the blog is for. So if you don't like my views.. guess what I live in a free country where we have freedom of speech so if you don't like it.. don't read it.

Example.. what every happened to common respect and courtesy? I am a server, waitress as some still call it. Yes I am there to wait on you. But guess what I am not an idiot. Not only am I taking care of you and the six others you brought in.. I have five other tables with no less then two people each at them. So if I forget your butter once, it is not because I am stupid, but because I had to remember about ten other things and I only have two hands to carry everything with. Also server average on their hourly pay rate about 2 to 3 dollars an hour. And we NEVER see a paycheck... so if you spend 70 dollars and tip us three you are insulting us just go to McDonald's and spend 20.. save yourself 53 dollars. McDonald's employees don't expect a tip. Now if I give bad service.. then just stiff me.. seriously.. i would rather be stiffed then insulted.. and if you tip a dollar on a 100 like a friend of mine had happen.. and he is an excellent server.. then take your happy ass to the grocery store spend the money on food and cook it.. carry it.. basically get it your damn self.

Now don't get me wrong.. I love my job.. I love meeting new people everyday.. I am a chatterbox.. but things that should be done are not being done anymore. Then all you hear are people complaining about how the world sucks...Well duh!!! Stop bitching and do something.. if your in a bad mood ..don't take it out on someone else.. smile.. the person you look at will smile back and that will make you feel better, at least a little bit. But this post was mainly.. to tell the cheap assholes out there to learn how to tip or go to the fast food place around the corner..

Feel free to comment.. as since this is my first real post I will be happy to read any comments you feel like posting.

Welcome to Adventures In Waitressing

Welcome to Adventures In Waitressing!! I am finally up and running and plan on moving my old blogs here before I begin my new ones. This blog is not only going to be about serving and things to do with the job, but will also be about personal life and if you want information on dining etiquette. I hope everyone will enjoy my writings and rants. Feel free to vent yourself on my replies. Every comment is welcome, even the negative ones.

An Adventuress

A Special Thank You for Vixen

This post is a special thank you to Vixen for all her help to the html illiterate in me. If not for her I wouldn't have this kickin template. For I know and God knows I couldn't have done it without her help. Thank you again Vixen for being a great help and an awesome friend.

An Adventuress


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