Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrecked Wednesday

Not sure if some of you have heard of this or not, but some restaurants do their best to help out charities and such. Our particular store calls them Dining to Donates. Basically, people bring in flyer's and give them to their server and a percentage of their bill automatically goes to the charity we are sponsoring at that moment. In order to be sponsored you have to have a legitimate charity and fill out the paperwork required. Then you set a date and spread the word. The better you spread the word, the more money for your charity. Sounds good doesn't it?

Usually it is, but tonight was an exception. There were waaaay too many servers on the floor. Crappy people who were not part of the charity dining, and tables running about one an hour. Pretty much made my babysitters money tonight and now I am happy that I brought in my laptop. Since I am moving soon, there is no Internet at the house. Pretty much, not much at the house, that is useful anyway.

What sucks the most is that my two highest checks were both my worst tippers. With the exception of a young couple who acted like they were going to tip me, then left me nothing. I just don't understand people. If you offer to take all of your friends out and proceed to act like a hot shot, "Don't just fucking act like one!!! BE ONE!!" I swear if any of my friends took me and other out to dinner and said "My treat!" They better tip the right percentage too. Nothing says "I'm a GIANT asshole!" like picking up the entire check and then fucking over the server. Personally, we as servers would rather there be individual checks. I guarantee you that at least one of your friends know how to tip far better then you, the so-called big shot. To all of those that do the above mentioned, get a job in the serving industry. Even part time. Just for a month. I dare you!! Doubt you could handle it.

I am really trying to think of something positive to say right now, but the only thing I can think of that makes me smile is the fact that I know my children will NOT be working in the service industry. And that they will still know more about tipping then at least half of the people I wait on.

Sorry, just flat out pissed off tonight. Hope your evening was better then mine.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avoiding The Issue?

What issue? You may ask of me. Well the issue of whether or not to come here and bitch. I read some of my stuff and then I thought. "Man, I'm a grouchy Bitch!" And no wonder. I hate the restaurant I am working at now. Everyone keeps saying there is money there and when Christmas season comes things will change. Screw that!!! Seriously! I am so tired of "I don't know why we aren't busy shit." I am tired of going in there and being put into first to go sections. Others beg to go home and get better sections then me. Yet I have to continually ask to bump up. To top it off, I am still one of the top sellers. We are having a contest now. Whoever wins will get an IPOD. I am trying like hell to win it so the IPOD will become a Christmas gift. I am beating everyone and yet still, I have to repeatedly ask to be bumped up the crappy totem pole.

Now I know I am not the only person who needs money. I know I am not perfect and that though I try my service isn't always on the grand scale of things. But one of, if not two of the people who continually close, pisses me off. Not by what they do or say, but by the fact that they SUCK!!!!! Not at a person. Sad to say, I actually like one of them. But they get just a bit busy and never come into the back to check on food or even to get refills it seems. One time I was rolling silverware and timed this one person. They never came back there during my 20 minute time keeping. That is ridiculous. They didn't run a single piece of their food. Others who were off the clock kept jumping in to help and I just wanted to scream at them. Not because they were being team players. But because they were doing work for someone, who when I checked, was sitting on their ass talking to a table.

I mean come on? Really? I have tables that I love to talk to, but I also know how to excuse myself and do my job at the same time. Maybe if the world was fair. Ahhh, but it isn't, is it?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I Am Still A Waitress

Every day is different, yet every day seems to be the same. Though I have training to do other things in my life, I find myself continuing to serve. People have asked me why? I will admit when the money is good, it is real good. I will also admit when the money is bad, it is REAL bad. Yet I waited on a couple of tables yesterday that made me want to quit, then just when I was ready to literally walk out the door and tell my place of employment to bite the big one. I waited on a table that made my day. Now don't go thinking that they gave me a huge tip and all that jazz. They didn't. They left what they should have. It wasn't about the money. It was the fact that they were friendly, funny, considerate and just a down right pleasure to wait on.

I was getting my butt kicked. I was super busy. I had a party of six that ate a lot and especially drank a lot. They ran me ragged while I waited on other tables as well. They ran their bill up to $160.68. Oh, they hardly spoke English either. I earned a wonderful (sarcasm intended) $5 off of them. After I tipped $1.61 to the bar and $2.40 to the hosts, I made a whopping $1.00. Making my hourly pay rate $3.13 an hour. Now before you get all hostile and think I am racist. I am not! In fact, I know how certain races are treated when they go out in public, and since I am NOT racist. I go out of my way to make sure that they have an excellent experience. I have done my job for 9 years now. I know how the system works. But it never ceases to amaze me when I am tipped poorly for good work. I mean it is 2010, is it not? You would think with all of the technology that the smart people would out weigh the stupid ones. It is actually the opposite.

Anyways, I was livid. Seriously. At one point I was in tears in the back. I really need money badly. School is about to start and I have rent due. And even more things like groceries and what not. Have you fed a teenager lately? I swear half of my income goes in his stomach. But I digress. Thanks to the next table, who liked to talk and share a joke or two. I remembered why I do the job that I do. To meet people and make them smile. It's a side effect I like to think I have a monopoly on.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working With Idiots!

Now I am not saying that everyone that I work with is an idiot. Not at all. I am sure every one of you, no matter what job you hold, has at least one person there that thinks they are the best. You know the one that I am referring too. They turn up their nose at you, give you dirty looks when you say their name to get their attention and when you walk away, talk about you behind your back. Sound familiar now?

In the restaurant business there is always, and I do mean always, more then one. It never fails. Funny thing is, they aren't as good as they think they are, no one is perfect. This particular one drinks all the time and smokes pot. Not to mention whores around, then has the audacity to critique my work. I almost punched them. I am using plural, because some of the people I work with do read my work. Really don't feel like going back to a place filled with animosity. Oh wait! I already do. Anyway, he isn't that great. He would be better if he would quit trying to get into any woman's pants that walks through the door. Including employees. Hell I used to like him until I figured out he wasn't just acting like an asshole, that he actually was one. Another one I work with walks around with such a bitter expression on their face at all times. Sad really. You are never quite sure if something is wrong or if the world is the only thing they hate.

I guess what I am getting at, is that part of the reason I am getting tired of my place of employment, is working with stuck up jerks who have nothing in their life any better then mine. Yet the walk around acting like their shit don't stink when in reality every one's does. Then again, it all goes back to the old saying, if someone dislikes you, they are probably jealous of you or something that you have. Either way, just tired of people and how they portray themselves one way, but are really the opposite. Apparently "All the world is a stage!" is being taken to literally these days.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fat People AREN'T Jolly!!!

Seriously! I should know, I am one after all. Don't get me wrong, we have our jolly moments. But the old adage that fat people are jolly is a myth. Fat men are occasionally jolly. Hell, I work with one that is so happy that I sometimes think he is on laughing gas or something else that makes one perpetually happy.

Fat women, on the other hand, are 85% bitchy. Bitchy with a vengeance. I am pretty sure that I can safely speak as a fat woman, that if you are unhappy, FIX IT!!!!

Our society today is so judgemental towards others, not just because of weight issues either. So much for progression. Yet we cease to look at ourselves and see how our judgemental attitude effects, not only ourselves, but others as well. I see plenty of proof every day that I work.

My favorite bitchy fat women are the ones who don't wear make up and dress like they are spring cleaning their houses. They are unhappy with themselves so don't bother to try and make themselves look nicer so they can, in turn, feel better. I know for a fact that it is laziness. Pure and simple fact. I know because I went through that stage in my life. The fat stage that brings you down. It's when you get tired of the stare, the sneers and the horrified expressions. Basically the part when you let the judgement of others bring you down.

It's a difficult stage to go through. You either survive it and bounce back to be a person with more confidence and thicker skin. OR you survive it and let it eat at you. Making you even more unhappy then you previously were. Sad really. More and more are losing the battle, slipping down the abyss and letting it consume them. They no longer strive to look nice, be happy or even bother to be pleasant.

Basically, fat people consume more then food. They consume hatred and allow it to consume them as well. Then instead of trying to change themselves or at the very least, their attitude, they inflict even more hate and disgust back out into the world.

I guess what I am trying to get at, as it pertains to my work, is that I am extremely tired of waiting on unjolly fat people. Even more so, tired of being judged by skinny people that sit at my tables.

My skin is thick, but my tolerance is thinning. Not good in my line of work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On My Knees!!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Don't even deny it. You know you went there, didn't ya?

My knees have been bugging me for about a year now. I figure it is because I am not the smallest woman. I have said more then once that I have a fat ass. Well I have fat everywhere, happens when you are overweight. But ten years of working on my feet, my year long pain, has come to a one week climax. And not the good kind either. My left knee has been hurting so bad that walking on it is damn near impossible. Pain pills do NOT help either.

Since I am ever the loyal employee, I haven't missed work despite the never ending pain. As I am working, I limp along, quickly as possible. Smiling at each of my tables and making sure refills are poured. Not to mention every other detail my job requires. I have had a few tables ask me what is wrong. I explain. They proceed to sympathize and leave me $3 on $50. Floors me every time. I have said in the past, if I deserve a bad tip from a table, I will say so. I know when I screw up, slack off or just plain forget. Hey I am human, no where near perfect. But to short tip a person who is in obvious pain, yet made sure your experience was perfect?? Really? Are we as a society that big of assholes?

Beginning to think so.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teenage Terrors!

I don't know why I expect teenagers to have been educated on tipping. I guess I still have some childish faith that parents actually educate their children in the way of the world and how it works. Then I remember that the parents are just as dumb in worldly ways. Weekends at the mall are when teenagers abound. Not only in pairs, but in packs. They are like wolves. Horny wolves.

The girls walk around with shorts so far up their butts, that there is no secret as to what is under the denim. If you think that's bad, the boys walk around with their butts literally hanging out of their pants and think that it makes them look cool. Seriously? Haven't any of them seen "Clueless"? Even Cher thought it was tacky. She was a fashion Diva! Not to forget, that movie is over ten years old. If that style was outdated in the movie, what makes anyone think it is fashionable now. As if it ever was to begin with. I shake my head in bewilderment.

So every day and every shift, horny teenagers, trying to impress each other, come into my restaurant. Boys look at the girls and say, "Order what you want." Girls giggle and say, "I'm really not that hungry." Then they order no less then $30.00 worth of food. Receive the bill and freak. Then they pay it with Mommy and Daddy's credit card, steal my pen and run out the damn door. One of these days I am going to snap. I just know it. I am going to think, "Screw this job." Quit and chase the miserable brats out the door. I know I will. I am getting older and my patience is growing thinner. I am beginning to comprehend why old people are bitchy. They are tired of the stupidity too.

I was complaining about how teenagers don't tip to my brother. His daughter, aka my niece was sitting their listening. She said, "Wow. I am going to make sure my friends tip from now on. We never did before." I about died. For Pete's sake, her father is the General Manager of a restaurant. SHE should have always known better. I almost smacked her father. Really I did.

Apparently I have morons in my family and the mall. Go figure.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phase Me Outta Here!!!!

So I was re-reading some of my recent work and realized I have been a bit to philosophical. Here I thought I was bitchy and rude and doing my damnedest to get my point across. Pretty sure I was failing. Because I have had and even larger amount of worthless idiots either entering my place of employment or working there themselves. Now I know it doesn't sound nice to bad mouth your co-workers. Really don't care. Not many of them give a shit about me anyways. I know the ones who do versus the ones who don't. Before you judge me, look about at your place of employment and tell me if there isn't someone there you wouldn't like to slap on a daily basis and I will call you a liar.

Today's rant is going back to the same old situation of not phasing or cutting the floor down on servers. Thirteen servers on a Saturday night in the midst of summer is not only too much, but down right stupid. If you don't have any faith in your serving staff, you better hire new ones and squeeze out the worthless ones right away.

We had ten servers on a lunch shift that was so dead I heard a napkin hit the floor. The floor is carpeted. When I asked the manager of the shift if he was considering sending people home soon he replied nonchalantly "Nope." So I asked, "Particular reason why not?" He answered, "So everyone has a chance to make money."

That pissed me off so badly that I wanted to smack him silly. I mean really??!! That doesn't allow for anyone to make money. When the restaurant is like that, people would rather go home then stay there for four hours to make $15. I worked a five hour shift and after tip out I made....drum roll please......$30!!! That doesn't even cover my gas for the week.

So, I knew tonight was going to be pointless. I was in a crappy section, and set to be one of the first to leave. I was fed up and pissed off and had something else I would rather do. So asked if I could have the night off. I might add, different manager this time. She said, "No. We are going to be busy." Well her psychic abilities suck ass, because again we were dead and I got to stay there for... another drum roll if you please....almost 4 hours and make.. $11 dollars!!! If I could, I would call in tomorrow and tell them to go fuck themselves. But I am the type that just has to have another job under her belt first.

Sucks being responsible.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Date Or Not To Date

I have been doing some research. Actually I have been doing a lot of research, but alas that is another story for another time. I recently re-entered the dating world. I had no idea how hard it is to meet someone nowadays. It's extremely difficult. Especially if you want to meet someone somewhat normal. If we even know what the true definition of normal is anymore.

So I have been researching how people meet. As a waitress, server, whatever you want to call it, you meet people, new ones everyday. But should you date someone you met at your work? Do you want the person you are just starting to talk to and date to even know where you work? I made a decision and jumped right on in. He has my number and I have his. We have been texting. I must say, as for looks, he is the hottest man I have ever had interested in me. Just hope I am not blind to the safety issues. Even if there are safety issues. Curiosity gets to me sometimes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet N Low Blow

I had to do one of the most disgusting jobs a server has to do, the other day. I was encouraged to scrap gum off of the underside of tables. Because even though this is the year 2010, people are still tacky and nasty. One creative person used a package of Sweet N Low for his/her gum. Then stuck the gum to the table. Let me say that was sooooo much fun to remove. Nothing like having white powder flying everywhere. Looked like cocaine floating in the air. Like when you see it on one of the CSI shows.

Here were are in the years of technology and we have lost the ability to use a paper napkin??? Seriously. I manage to catch my 7 year old all the time trying to use his pants. Drives me absolutely bonkers, especially since there is a napkin right next to his plate. I am pretty sure his mess hands were right by the plate when he was reaching for his food. Have napkins become taboo? I ask this, because every meal I say "Use your napkin please." Every meal, he tries to sneak and use his pants. Is it a boy thing? Is my son brain damaged? Or are we as technology gets advanced, regressing?

To quote a famous commercial. "The world may never know."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summertime Blues

There ain't no cure! Just to quote a famous song and a remake of a famous song. Because with the limitless knowledge and floundering writers out there, remakes of previous hit songs are what we desire. Since when did humans crave monotony?

Seriously though, I forget why I whine, bitch and moan that summer isn't here. I forget that when that lovely weather appears, my money disappears. Not to mention I get that wonderful summer itch and I don't want to be at work at all. That isn't any good. I mean if I leave work and the customers aren't going there either, hum where's the money? Somebody show it to me please! Not joking. I am pretty sure I am going to have to get yet another job for the summer. So much for taking the kids to a theme park if I do that.

That is the down thing about being a server. It is so hit or miss. There are days that $2.13 is actually all you make. By the time Uncle Sam gets done with that, you are in the negative. Besides that fact that if you don't see a paycheck and you don't see any guests, you might see an eviction notice. Very bad combination indeed.

Sorry a bit dreary today. I am missing Florida and the fact that I have a couple of days off coming up and I would REALLY love to go to the beach. But can't afford the gas for the 13 hour drive. Oops! Such is life at times. Who knows? We might actually have people come in out of the heat for lunch tomorrow. Hey, an adventuring waitress can dream ya know!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back To The Grindstone

And I don't mean Charlie's. Hopefully you all have heard of Grindstone Charlie's and will get that joke. No, I don't work there. I just thought it was funny when I wrote it, but I guess it isn't funny if you have to explain it. There I go a rambling....

I am out of the sick bed and back to work. I admit it was nice to sleep for practically three days straight, it was however not pleasant to be sick while doing it. It ended up that I had strep throat. Thanks to anti-biotic's, rest and a wonderful co-worker, I am back on my feet again. Literally.

Sickness in the food industry is dangerous. We as servers and cooks can really have an effect on whether or not you get sick. Now I am not trying to imply that we will intentionally get you sick. No, only vile and disgusting servers, who in my opinion should not be serving, will intentionally make you ill. I am referring to the fact that we handle the food. All of it. From your lemon in that water we hate to see, to the cheese that is sprinkled so nicely on your salad. Personally, I wash my hands so many times a day, that sometimes I wonder how I have any skin left on them.

The real kicker I have found is that when an employee is sick, the management practically begs them to come to work. I have seen managers let extremely ill people, hoped up on medication like Zicam and Sucrets work. Oh, you wouldn't know it. They can look so fun and lively at your table, but in the back they are whining and complaining that they are sick. I will let you in on a little secret. Managers are chickens. Look under their uniforms and you will see feathers. Not kidding. They are so afraid to run with a shorter staff of servers. So afraid that the store will fill up and that the servers heads will spin like tops, that they will run with three people more then they need to avoid actually having to help out. If you doubt me in anyway. Ask a server sometime. Any server. Say, "Hey, does your manager ever have too many servers on the floor at a time?" First off, you will shock the server, second they will recover long enough to answer, "Unfortunately all the time."

Sad part is, why the manager gets a guaranteed paid amount, it effects the server directly. Got to go, I do believe I just heard clucking.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Down With The Sickness

Just as I finally decide to get back into the swing of things, I get sick. Since my other blog is titled The Real Life Drama Queen. I can't get a normal sniffles kind of sick either. Nope. I thought I had strep throat. Usually puts me at the hospital for at least one overnight visit. Not this time. I have been downgraded to Mono. Um, new one for me. Never had that before.

If I am feeling better soon, I have plenty of things to write about. Just won't be anything recent. Probably a good thing. My sarcastic side has been running rampant. Has me thinking I am not as funny as I think I am. I think I am going to blame it on the sickness. Why? Because I can of course.

Pretty cocky for a sick woman, huh?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hummm?

I guess this could be considered another story about proper table manners. Not the sit up straight, tuck in your shirt and wear a tie kind either. I don't work in an upscale, kiss your ass, kind of restaurant. I work in a family one. Well, that is what they tell the public, while they are trying to turn the bar into an actual party environment at night. Not happening, by the way.

I am referring to the type of table manners you should expect from, at the very least, your 8 year old. You know what I am talking about, common sense. The I wasn't raised up on a mountain, with no human contact, no electricity, animals were my only friends and I ain't got no manners kind. I am referring to the examples you will find below.

1. Let's go out to lunch with the girls, shall we? Great! Now let's kick off our smelly shoes after walking around the mall all blasted day, shopping. Better yet, I am going to put them on the seat opposite of me, so my friend, can have the joy of smelling them as she tries to eat her lunch. (I don't care. Cute pedicure or not! You are not at home. Feet at the dinner table in public is nasty! Nasty! Nasty!

2. Blowing your nose at the table just screams, too lazy to go to the bathroom. It also screams DISGUSTING!!!! If I was the one dining with you, I would go to my server, give her a huge tip, then leave your fowl ass alone and go somewhere else to look for company that didn't make me want to vomit!

3. Changing your child's dirty diaper at the table. Now I know you are shaking your head in complete amazement, but yes, I have witnessed this happening. I want to thank that woman for not only changing the diaper at the table, but for leaving the dirty one as part of my tip. Really, I was touched and touching your child's feces laden diaper was the best tip ever!! NOT! Sarcasm was intended.

4. Oh look, there's a ramp! Obviously meant for your children to run up and down it unattended, not only disturbing other guests, but also getting in way of people who are trying to work. It wasn't really intended for the elderly or the handicapped. Nope, it's a secret playground.

5. Please litter, make a mess, whatever you wish to call it. Please, please do it. No, not on the outside. Please do it at your table. As in let everything you can find, from either your purse, pockets or food, hit the floor. I mean you don't have to crawl under the table and pick up disgusting stuff with YOUR hands. We the servers do. At a great discount of only $2.13 an hour. What a bargain!!

6. Please ignore, snarl, cuss, curl up your nose, sigh, yell and basically just treat your server like crap. I mean, common courtesy is just a Greek myth, right?

7. How about throwing a fit because gratuity was added to your large party. This one is my favorite. I call it "Just desserts." The sign states that gratuity will be added to large parties, then when the table gets the check and actually has to tip the proper amount. They are astounded by how much the tip is on the bill. They have anxiety attacks. Usually people who have never tipped accurately in their lives are the biggest cry babies.

8. This one was a first for me. It didn't happen to me personally, but I did get to witness the event. When a host/hostess asked if you or if everyone in your party is over the age of 21, it is for a reason. The bar area can be the hardest to seat. People either think we are going to hold their head under the beer tap and make them chug or that smoking is still allowed in the restaurant. It is also because you have to be 21 to sit in the bar area. But dammit woman, be flattered we thought you were under 21. On day you will be old and wrinkled and bitching no one cards you anymore. It certainly wasn't worth complaining to the management.

9. Another of my favorites is the overly loud, ghetto talking, Jerry Springer show wannabe! You know the woman I mean. You've all seen her at some point and time. She has to either wait to be seated or wait a bit because her server is busy. So instead of being patient she rolls her eyes, gets loud(extremely) and complains that she isn't afraid to break her foot off in someones ass. Way to show your children proper public behaviour and how to not have respect for themselves or others.

I am sure I could sit here and think of a hundred more, but what's the fun in telling all of my stories at once. Wink! Wink!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten Things That Embarrased Me Most

So I was doing my normal pondering as to what to write about and decided to tell you about some embarrassing things that have happened to me while serving. Believe me when I say, I am not proud to let the world know I have done these things. Some of them were hurtful to my pride, some of them down right hilarious. Either way, I hope that by the time that you get to number ten, that you had at least one laugh.

1. Survey says that the number one embarrassing, and most common thing a server has done is.. Dropped dishes mid dining room. Now I am sure that most of you have been sitting in a dining room and heard dishes break. 90% of the time, they are glasses. But the most embarrassing drops are the ones that happen in the dining area itself. It means you have just postponed someones dinner. Which wouldn't be so bad, but try dropping something breakable in the middle of a packed restaurant sometime and have at least 50 pairs of eyes on you. All of them saying "Ohhhh! Did you seeee that??"

2. Stumbling over words, that should easily come out of ones mouth. Example: (and yes I have said this) "Would you like some spinach and artichoke Dick (dip) before your meal today?" ....Umm yeah.. some ladies really don't like Dick.. ya know what I mean?

3. Another word stumble.. "Would you like some Fire CRAPPER Chicken wraps today?" Considering the proper name is Firecracker. And despite what I had previously called them, they are quite excellent and my favorite appetizer at Longhorn.

4. Stumbling and falling, literally. I was going up the stairs. Only two of them, by the way, and fell, on my knees. Lost all the food, it made a loud crash and naturally the whole restaurant enjoyed the show. Was embarrassing and painful.

5. I used to make balloon animals for children at my tables, when I had a moment. Until I accidentally bought a bad batch of balloons. Nothing like making children cry when they see the doggy or bunny I just made them pop.

6. It's my birthday. Everyone that works there comes out from the back to hand me the dessert. They trap me and sing to me in front of everyone. Which is sweet, but took half the restaurant a few to realize their servers disappeared for another server. OOPS!!

7. Falling into a rather or should I say extremely attractive mans lap. His woman didn't like that, but pretty sure he did. LOL

8. Nothing like walking up to an adorable baby, and saying hello. Only to get a return greeting that is so loud and annoying that it rips through the entire dining area. All eyes move to you. I don't mind being in the spotlight. I just prefer my own terms.

9. How about owing a rather cute pair of underwear? Not bad right? How about they have a sexy, big, pink and blue ribbon that ties in the back? How about you walk around doing your job for no less then two hours before your co-workers get tired of laughing at you? That's when they tell you that your panties are showing. Nice huh?

10. Want one worse? Try wearing a thong to work, your pants rip. You don't know it and you wait on tables all day with your bare ass hanging out. I am still not sure how many people actually saw my butt that day.

All of the above happened to me. Be kind to your server. Always remember to let her know that her panties or butt is showing. Because her co-workers sure won't.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Excuses!!!

I make no excuses to being away for so long! chalk it up to sheer laziness. Truthfully, I just did not fee like taking additional time from my already hectic day to vent. I should have. I would probably be walking around less stressed, more relaxed and infinitely less bitchy. Oh well, apparently I enjoy self torture. It will explain why I am still serving. Since I am no longer with the previous company, nor am I in the same location, globally. I feel safe in revealing that I worked for Longhorn, in Jacksonville, Florida. Great company. Though I feel it was a better company before they sold out to Dardin.

Something about working for corporate companies, just makes me cringe. You get a bunch of fat cats, in business suits, who never ever in their life had to wait tables, bar tend or even work behind the scenes. Then they come into each of their stores and nit pick like Prima Donna's bitching about how this looks, how that should be moved and the worst is how they tell their managers how dark it should be in the restaurant. Why? Because apparently the darker the better and apparently our more advanced aged guests should bring a flashlight with them in order to read the menu.

The latest corporate sensation (sarcasms intended) that I am working for, it is a family restaurant. Though they do stay open later in the evenings then most. The newest thing to come down from corporate is to basically the bar area into a night club. It is so funny, you almost have to laugh at the tragedy they are putting their employees through.

Seeing as this is Day 1 of my immediate return, I am going to leave off with letting you know that I am creating a Facebook Fan site. So stay tuned. I promise that I am coming back with a vengeance. ;o)