Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday's Shitheads

I just had to give a Shit Head Award. My own creation. You can borrow it if you wish for a shit head that you might know.

Before I tell you about the award winner, I just have to tell you. The shit heads were out in full force. There was almost a tie, then I decided that the second place contender deserved a special trophy. So he will get his on Thursday.

I will say that the guests were rather diverse this evening. I did have some rather delightful people. But the overall majority were just terrible. How can you go out, share a meal, bring your bill to thirty dollars and then tip two dollars? Beats me, but I would love to set up a questionnaire and mail it to people. Seriously.

Tonight's winner asked me why in the hell don't restaurants carry Busch? He got angry that we didn't carry that lower class beer on tap. What the hell? We are an upper class establishment. Not a Honky Tonk bar. He was a redneck through and through. I know about rednecks. My family is all redneck. So don't think I am picking on him just because he is one. Then he had the audacity to tell me that by answering his questions, it wouldn't affect my tip. What an ass. I don't just wait on people for money. I actually care about the service I give. I enjoy my job. His wife ordered two drinks. Alcoholic beverages. She didn't even call the drink by the proper name. The drink was called a Confusion and she kept ordering a Confession. I didn't say anything.

He proceeded to inform me, "I have a few questions for you, and don't think I can't afford to eat here, I can. I also know about steaks, so you can't fool me." WTF?? He was antagonistic from the get go. I NEVER pre-judge my tables, but this one should have been. I said, "Yes, sir. What can I answer for you?" He then asked me why a porterhouse had part New York Strip and part Filet and why the bone was included. Ummm.. Hello?? If you know about steaks a Porterhouse has a bone. It is a New York strip on one side and a full Filet on the other. The bone in the middle adds to the flavor, that is why it is such an expensive steak. Not just because of the size, but because of the quality of the meat. Anyways, I digress. I served them with smiles and friendliness. I treated them the same as I do all of my tables.

Their bill was $77.30. My tip left on the table was $6.00. But after the husband got up, the wife reached over and removed a dollar. Bringing the tip to $5.00. So much for answering the questions not affecting my tip.

So, if you think that is bad, wait until you see the winner on Thursday.



I don't envy you your job, poor girl. I have walked a mile in your shoes, trust me...I don't think I could ever do it again. I commend did you possibly keep a straight face?

soccer mom in denial said...

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT happened there?!

By my calculations you should've had a $14 tip. I mean goodness people - she took a DOLLAR out of the pile? I just, oh my I want to run away and live on a deserted island sometimes....

ZoeyBella said...

There aren't enough awards for all the people I know that deserve one of those.

Upset Waitress said...

Hey. Your site has all these images "Hotlinking is disabled for this domain" . It's making your site all screwy?

Anonymous said...

What charming idea