Thursday, October 4, 2007

Displays of Affection

Sometimes I think I will run out of things to bitch about, then in walks another clueless set of people.

There is nothing more disgusting, then to bring something to a table and they have their tongues shoved so far down each others throats that you think they are gagging each on purpose. I have literally walked up to a table and seen a man with his hands so far up a woman's skirt you would think he was fishing and lost his damn pole.

I don't mind standard displays of affection, but if you want to get kinky, pick a place that doesn't have children running around in it. I am all for sex education for kids, but I don't think mauling each other in a restaurant is considered sex ed. Pretty sure it is considered tacky. Yep.. Tacky!

Rather like public soft core porn. I don't want to watch it, would rather be participating in my own event. Wonder if servers could give tables awards for how inappropriate guests could be in public. Such as mini Olympics. Gold, Silver and Bronze for how affectionate, how crude, how cheap and how rude. I might have to consider marketing that one.

Sorry Christine, wasn't abducted by Aliens. I usually keep up with my Real Life blog better then this one. If you ever wonder what happened to me, you can fine me here. Thanks for the concern. It is greatly appreciated.


ZoeyBella said...

I can't stand public displays of affection that border on soft core porn. People like that might be in love, but there's no need to share that with the rest of the world. After all, you don't see me dry-humping my steak because I'm so happy when it gets to my table, do you??

soccer mom in denial said...

Oooooo yuck.

Check out what I posted for you over the weekend.


Glad to know you are ok...
I too hate seeing too open of affection between people. Holding hands, arm around a shoulder, those things are ok...but, if you want to be so "open" with your affections, I feel like telling them, go to a swing club...they won't care children around, etc...etc...hee heee..

cathouse teri said...

I'll try to remember to tell my date to keep his hand from under my skirt when we visit your restaurant. ;)