Saturday, November 3, 2007

Friday Night Fights

I am pretty sure everyone at sometime has someone that they just have to yell at. Well, unfortunately with my stress level on Friday's, tonight was my night.

I have a type of claustrophobia, not sure exactly what it is called. But if I get surrounded by a large number of people and I can't move, I tend to act rudely. Some call it bitchiness, I call it get the hell out of my way syndrome. I don't like feeling crowded into a corner. Makes me defensive.

Friday and Saturday nights are the worst nights for it. Those are the nights that we have such a huge amount of servers on the floor. The dish pit is the easiest place to get pinned in at. So after about six times getting pinned in a corner, my stress level is at it's max.

Well, someone decided to take the coffee pot out onto the floor, what the didn't bother to do is check to see if the coffee pot was done brewing. Next thing you know there is a huge mess. I was cleaning it up and talking about it to one of the other servers. Basically complaining about someone being stupid. The person returns and we tell him, "Hey, you took the coffee pot before it was done brewing. Duh!" A fourth server decides to get snotty with me, for telling the male server about his mistake. Wasn't a good idea. So I basically told her to butt out, I wasn't talking to her. Like I said, on Friday's, I can be a real bitch. So she decided to call me a Bitch. I don't really care. I am one. Not gonna lie. So we started to get into an argument. She tried to act like she had the right to but into my conversation and I let her know it was none of her business.

Much milder then the fight I got into the other night with "Mr. Know-It-All". You know the one I mentioned in the past. He tried to act all high and mighty with me, like he is Mr. Perfect, when in actuality he is Mr. Suck Up. I pretty much stopped that one before it got out of hand. I just told him to shut the fuck up. My boss was standing there and heard the whole conversation and told him to shut up too. Was rather funny. But so glad I was in the right.

Being a server, you never lack for drama.


soccer mom in denial said...

You are uncomfortable in crowds and work in a big restaurant? You are either nuts or really brave.

I also cannot imagine going out and being nice to people after an exchange like that. You really deserve hazard pay!!

Christine said...

Did the jerk at least clean it up?

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Nope.. I did. the way it goes.