Saturday, November 10, 2007

Money Confusion

Basically, a lot of posts have to do with money. Hell, that is what my job is primarily about. Last night I was removed from the floor and put behind the bar. I was not happy about it. I can make better money on the floor on a Friday night. The bar on the weekends has two bartenders and you split everything fifty fifty. Wouldn't be bad, but if one of you sucks, so does the money.

I ended up being the closing bartender, which means the other one gets to leave way early. She said I could keep the tip out from the servers if I took on her work so she could just walk out the door. Naturally, I said yes. We were dead and didn't make anything. Or so I thought.

I don't get it, but I ended up making more money then I thought. Not that I am complaining mind you. It just doesn't feel like I made that much. I really need it for rent, but still, you know that feeling you get when something feels off? I got that feeling. I made the manager double check my cash out and my draw. He swears all was fine. So still in shock, but still feeling odd.

I guess I should chalk it up to total good luck and someone looking out for me. But if you read my other site, then you know that good luck is something that doesn't happen to me. If this keeps up I am going to buy a lottery ticket and see if I can truly get lucky. I will let you know if I win.


evercurious said...

Good news is good! I was wondering if you could send me a link to your book chat site. I'm not sure where to find it.

Christine said...

Don't question when life balances out your past bad karma. Take it where you can get it.

ZoeyBella said...

More money is always a good thing, right? ;)

BClark said...

Found this from the Simon Says site and it struck a cord. I spent over 30 years in the food and beverage business, supported myself and children. I will say your feelings about no luck may be related to the job. For some reason that atmosphere is populated with bad attitudes. Some times it would really get to me, complaints were rampent. I helped a friend out a couple of years ago and after a few nights it all came back to me. I had to tell her no more. So, if I may leave a word of advice, do all you can to boost your mood, think all kinds of postive thoughts to fight off the black clouds that seem to gather. I look forward to reading more.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thanks Ladies!!!!

Barbara.. I totally agree.. I have been trying to work on my outlook.. with a little help from my friends. Look forward to you coming back.

Anonymous said...

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