Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Serving Game

I was participating in a game at work today. One I did not wish to play. It is a common game. I am sure most of you know what the game is, but didn't realize it had a name. The game title is "Be My Bitch". Yep you read correctly.


1. Ignore your server when she approaches your table. (After all, she is on your dime.)

2. Make sure she stands there at least thirty seconds before you acknowledge her. (Because you are the only table in the restaurant.)

3. When you do speak to her, make sure you don't answer any of her questions. (They were all stupid anyways.)

4. Give her your order in short, precise words, making sure you are extremely rude. (Thinking, "Where do they get these people?")

5. Make sure you order at least one item wrong, that way you can blame the server for your mistake. (Don't forget to yell at your server, about your problem, from across the room.)

6. Every time she brings you something to the table, send her back for other items. (Because ordering Diet and eating three sides of ranch, butter and sour cream is a healthy diet.)

7. If she escapes, make sure to stop her every time she passes your table to complain, whine, bitch and moan. (Because your voice sounds like angels.)

8. Ask for the manager. Make sure you bitch to him as well. After all, we are playing "Be My Bitch." (Be extremely polite and say, "I don't mean to complain...")

9. Just to be super annoying, ask a passing server, "Where the hell is my server? I haven't seen her since I sat down." (Make sure you give an insulting description of your server. It entertains the co-workers.)

10. Turn up your nose at server, because you think she is beneath you, since you probably have a better job. (Which probably requires a lot of sitting. By the way, that explains your Fat Ass.)

And last but not least....

11. Make sure you tip her two dollars on fifty-five. That way she can feel insulted yet again after you leave. (Which is why I think there should be a button titled, Tip Reject. But that is another story.)

Personally I think this game sucks. But it seems to be quite popular. Maybe it is fun for the other person. Too bad I am too nice to play this game huh?


soccer mom in denial said...

My FIL, unfortunately, plays this game and I have GIVEN HIM HELL for it. To the point of standing up in a restaurant, loudly apologizing to the server so that several tables heard then announcing I was sitting in a bathroom stall until the meal was finished.

I actually had to do that twice. On behalf of us with manners, I apologize.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Chickie.. thanks.. but ya know it isn't you.. though I would have loved to have seen your FIL face when you did that one.

ZoeyBella said...

It never surprises me when I hear about how rude some people can be towards servers. If these people think they are so damn high and mighty, why don't they stay home and watch the Food network so they can cook for themselves or hire a personal chef?

Who said...

I'm a tad squiffy.