Sunday, January 27, 2008

Double Duty

I wrote this story once already this week. But thanks to a rather cute kitten, I have had to do a rewrite. She likes to chase the pointer from the mouse around. Not cute when I am just about to post this blog. Hence the dog. I was doing double duty and the cat was double the trouble.

I actually pulled two doubles in a row this week. Tomorrow will be my third. Just call me a sucker for picking up shifts. Doubles aren't so bad, that is, if you make enough money to make it worth your while. Sometimes that is hard. Being a single mom, I try to spend every possible moment with my kids, but the lure of the pick up shifts, snags me almost every single time.

With the exception of a manager who does the emotional flip, things were pretty normal on the shifts. Though I have had the pleasure of making some new regular guests. I love meeting new people, but when you meet a couple that you click with, it makes a long drawn out double worth it. Monday J and S (you know who you are) became my newest regulars. A lively couple to be sure. They have a great sense of humor. Thank God! I can be a character.

Would you like an example of my humor? It almost got me into trouble tonight. I had three handsome men at one of my tables. I had fun talking to them. I was refilling drinks on the table and they were talking about taxes. One of them was telling the other, "Oh, you should be able to deduct your computer, truck....ect."

So I just had to jump in and say, "I will let you deduct some of my stuff for a cut of the profits."

The cowboy responded, "Well, I am afraid the only way I could do that is if you had a saddle on."

My response was, "It's not like I haven't done that before."

First of all, I was totally kidding, but sometimes my mouth shoots off before my brain functions properly. Thankfully, the men knew it was a joke. See what doubles make me do? They make me tired and goofier then normal. Before the night was through I told another table they could spank me. See why my regulars, have to have a great sense of humor?


soccer mom in denial said...

Oh PLEASE tell me your cowboy customers gave you a huge tip. That was just too funny.

Home with a sick kid today. Thanks so much for the laugh.

Jenn in Holland said...

Hilarious darling! You know I would laugh uproariously at that kind of stuff! I wish you were waiting the tables I am eating at...

purplegirl said...

That is completely awesome. :)