Friday, February 8, 2008

Rude Awakings

Pretty bad the tree has an attitude too. Think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?

I just had a really rude experience. The heighth of stupidity in my opinion. These ladies came into the restaurant. Had a cutie of a boy that was a definate handful. When I see parents with unruley children I do my best to entertain them in a way that calms them down. Personally I wouldn't want to be sitting next to a screaming child on my hour long lunch break. I remember working in an office. If I had wanted to listen to whining children then, I would have stayed in the office. The ladies automatically determine that they don't care I have five other tables besides them and demand all of my attention. To complete the round up, they proceed to talk to me as if I am a simplton. Get real. I do have to read and write and have excellent memory skills, as well as consolidation skills, in order to be a server. Multi-tasking is a MUST!

I stand there and politely try to take their order. Patiently even. I can see my other tables out of the corner of my eye. Two of them are looking at me. That means they need something. But for the life of me, I cannot get away from these women. They repeat their order three times. Even after I have repeated it back to them. They want the most annoying time consuming things. Example, one lady wants two drinks, both in to go cups. I mean come on. Have a little faith in your server. They can't always get refills out immediately, but four drinks for two women is rediculous.

After spending damn near six minutes, just taking an order for two.. count em.. two people. Two people who spoke to me like I was stupid and incompetent. I can tell my other tables are exasperated. They were not close enough to hear the conversation. To them, I am sure I appear a chatty Kathy. I promise to be back with all of their requests and head off towards the kitchen to fill such orders. I am walking out of the back, carrying everything. I have no choice. All of the other servers are busy, so unable to help. And these ladies put me so far behind. Just my luck though. To Go glasses do not like to be put on trays. Those damn cups knocked over every single thing I was carrying. I was soaked from my shoulders down. My apron was filled with ice, tea and coke. I almost screamed. Instead, I approached the hostess. I told her to memorize their faces. Because if I ever have to wait on them again I will walk out. Flat. Told my boss that as well. I do demand a certain amount of respect.

The whole restaurant heard the crash. Six glasses, two bread boards and a frustrated growl tends to turn all eyes your way. Yippie!!! Nothing like putting on a show for strangers. It must be what a stripper feels like when her g-string breaks and she full frontal moons everyone. I am sure her tips increase with her accident, where as mine decrease.

Maybe I should wear a breakaway g-string. Nah.. I work in a family restaurant after all.


Jenn in Holland said...

I read this and I think these rude women need to come to Holland for a lunch date. Then they would really experience slow service and would never again be so demanding in a restaurant like yours! Seriously? Moaning over a refill even before you've received your first cup? That's just ridiculous. Sorry you had to cope with that. Some people can be so heartless.

BClark said...

I guess the problem is that people like that do not have a clue. Since Miss Manners and her ilk are no longer used as a guide line this behavior will only get worse. The only thing we can do is control the situation as best we can. I got very good at excusing myself with a big smile and informing them I will be back once they have made up their minds. I would then go off and take care of my other customers. Most often by the time I got back they had their act together. I would just keep smiling and refuse to let boors ruin my day. Best to you, Barbara
PS of course once I got home I would have a melt down or two,lol

soccer mom in denial said...

I actually had a woman scream at me after I coached a boys basketball game. It came from me fussing at her and her son A YEAR AGO for his behavior at a party and she let it simmer for a year.

I think people don't care about the needs of others. But I'll be damned if my children aren't well-behaved. At least in public. And I am too.

I wish I could've told those women off for you.