Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Excuses!!!

I make no excuses to being away for so long! chalk it up to sheer laziness. Truthfully, I just did not fee like taking additional time from my already hectic day to vent. I should have. I would probably be walking around less stressed, more relaxed and infinitely less bitchy. Oh well, apparently I enjoy self torture. It will explain why I am still serving. Since I am no longer with the previous company, nor am I in the same location, globally. I feel safe in revealing that I worked for Longhorn, in Jacksonville, Florida. Great company. Though I feel it was a better company before they sold out to Dardin.

Something about working for corporate companies, just makes me cringe. You get a bunch of fat cats, in business suits, who never ever in their life had to wait tables, bar tend or even work behind the scenes. Then they come into each of their stores and nit pick like Prima Donna's bitching about how this looks, how that should be moved and the worst is how they tell their managers how dark it should be in the restaurant. Why? Because apparently the darker the better and apparently our more advanced aged guests should bring a flashlight with them in order to read the menu.

The latest corporate sensation (sarcasms intended) that I am working for, it is a family restaurant. Though they do stay open later in the evenings then most. The newest thing to come down from corporate is to basically the bar area into a night club. It is so funny, you almost have to laugh at the tragedy they are putting their employees through.

Seeing as this is Day 1 of my immediate return, I am going to leave off with letting you know that I am creating a Facebook Fan site. So stay tuned. I promise that I am coming back with a vengeance. ;o)

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