Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten Things That Embarrased Me Most

So I was doing my normal pondering as to what to write about and decided to tell you about some embarrassing things that have happened to me while serving. Believe me when I say, I am not proud to let the world know I have done these things. Some of them were hurtful to my pride, some of them down right hilarious. Either way, I hope that by the time that you get to number ten, that you had at least one laugh.

1. Survey says that the number one embarrassing, and most common thing a server has done is.. Dropped dishes mid dining room. Now I am sure that most of you have been sitting in a dining room and heard dishes break. 90% of the time, they are glasses. But the most embarrassing drops are the ones that happen in the dining area itself. It means you have just postponed someones dinner. Which wouldn't be so bad, but try dropping something breakable in the middle of a packed restaurant sometime and have at least 50 pairs of eyes on you. All of them saying "Ohhhh! Did you seeee that??"

2. Stumbling over words, that should easily come out of ones mouth. Example: (and yes I have said this) "Would you like some spinach and artichoke Dick (dip) before your meal today?" ....Umm yeah.. some ladies really don't like Dick.. ya know what I mean?

3. Another word stumble.. "Would you like some Fire CRAPPER Chicken wraps today?" Considering the proper name is Firecracker. And despite what I had previously called them, they are quite excellent and my favorite appetizer at Longhorn.

4. Stumbling and falling, literally. I was going up the stairs. Only two of them, by the way, and fell, on my knees. Lost all the food, it made a loud crash and naturally the whole restaurant enjoyed the show. Was embarrassing and painful.

5. I used to make balloon animals for children at my tables, when I had a moment. Until I accidentally bought a bad batch of balloons. Nothing like making children cry when they see the doggy or bunny I just made them pop.

6. It's my birthday. Everyone that works there comes out from the back to hand me the dessert. They trap me and sing to me in front of everyone. Which is sweet, but took half the restaurant a few to realize their servers disappeared for another server. OOPS!!

7. Falling into a rather or should I say extremely attractive mans lap. His woman didn't like that, but pretty sure he did. LOL

8. Nothing like walking up to an adorable baby, and saying hello. Only to get a return greeting that is so loud and annoying that it rips through the entire dining area. All eyes move to you. I don't mind being in the spotlight. I just prefer my own terms.

9. How about owing a rather cute pair of underwear? Not bad right? How about they have a sexy, big, pink and blue ribbon that ties in the back? How about you walk around doing your job for no less then two hours before your co-workers get tired of laughing at you? That's when they tell you that your panties are showing. Nice huh?

10. Want one worse? Try wearing a thong to work, your pants rip. You don't know it and you wait on tables all day with your bare ass hanging out. I am still not sure how many people actually saw my butt that day.

All of the above happened to me. Be kind to your server. Always remember to let her know that her panties or butt is showing. Because her co-workers sure won't.


Shannon said...

I was there for the after effects of #9 and #10. HILARIOUS!!! Co-workers don't let you know about these things because your embarrassment breaks up the monotony of our day. :) We have all had these moments...I share your pain. :)

Adventures In Waitressing said...

You are so lucky I like you. LOL

Dixiechick said...

Glad to see you back!!! Look forward to catching up!