Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working With Idiots!

Now I am not saying that everyone that I work with is an idiot. Not at all. I am sure every one of you, no matter what job you hold, has at least one person there that thinks they are the best. You know the one that I am referring too. They turn up their nose at you, give you dirty looks when you say their name to get their attention and when you walk away, talk about you behind your back. Sound familiar now?

In the restaurant business there is always, and I do mean always, more then one. It never fails. Funny thing is, they aren't as good as they think they are, no one is perfect. This particular one drinks all the time and smokes pot. Not to mention whores around, then has the audacity to critique my work. I almost punched them. I am using plural, because some of the people I work with do read my work. Really don't feel like going back to a place filled with animosity. Oh wait! I already do. Anyway, he isn't that great. He would be better if he would quit trying to get into any woman's pants that walks through the door. Including employees. Hell I used to like him until I figured out he wasn't just acting like an asshole, that he actually was one. Another one I work with walks around with such a bitter expression on their face at all times. Sad really. You are never quite sure if something is wrong or if the world is the only thing they hate.

I guess what I am getting at, is that part of the reason I am getting tired of my place of employment, is working with stuck up jerks who have nothing in their life any better then mine. Yet the walk around acting like their shit don't stink when in reality every one's does. Then again, it all goes back to the old saying, if someone dislikes you, they are probably jealous of you or something that you have. Either way, just tired of people and how they portray themselves one way, but are really the opposite. Apparently "All the world is a stage!" is being taken to literally these days.

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