Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I Am Still A Waitress

Every day is different, yet every day seems to be the same. Though I have training to do other things in my life, I find myself continuing to serve. People have asked me why? I will admit when the money is good, it is real good. I will also admit when the money is bad, it is REAL bad. Yet I waited on a couple of tables yesterday that made me want to quit, then just when I was ready to literally walk out the door and tell my place of employment to bite the big one. I waited on a table that made my day. Now don't go thinking that they gave me a huge tip and all that jazz. They didn't. They left what they should have. It wasn't about the money. It was the fact that they were friendly, funny, considerate and just a down right pleasure to wait on.

I was getting my butt kicked. I was super busy. I had a party of six that ate a lot and especially drank a lot. They ran me ragged while I waited on other tables as well. They ran their bill up to $160.68. Oh, they hardly spoke English either. I earned a wonderful (sarcasm intended) $5 off of them. After I tipped $1.61 to the bar and $2.40 to the hosts, I made a whopping $1.00. Making my hourly pay rate $3.13 an hour. Now before you get all hostile and think I am racist. I am not! In fact, I know how certain races are treated when they go out in public, and since I am NOT racist. I go out of my way to make sure that they have an excellent experience. I have done my job for 9 years now. I know how the system works. But it never ceases to amaze me when I am tipped poorly for good work. I mean it is 2010, is it not? You would think with all of the technology that the smart people would out weigh the stupid ones. It is actually the opposite.

Anyways, I was livid. Seriously. At one point I was in tears in the back. I really need money badly. School is about to start and I have rent due. And even more things like groceries and what not. Have you fed a teenager lately? I swear half of my income goes in his stomach. But I digress. Thanks to the next table, who liked to talk and share a joke or two. I remembered why I do the job that I do. To meet people and make them smile. It's a side effect I like to think I have a monopoly on.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a waitress and I know exactly what you are talking about.

Just hold your head up high! I'm going to school too and I'm just waiting to get done with school so I can quit waitressing and make the money a human being is suppose to be earning lol.

and I didn't read your whole post about "Working With Idiots" but I just have to say that we all have them! The ones that don't do side work, lie, and steal tips (yeah, i said it!) they are everywhere, but you know what??? when we are done with school. Where will their sorry butts be?? still there! Ha!

Well as you can tell, I had a bad day at work lol. Just thought I'd rant to a fellow waiter ;-)

Hang in there! We're stronger than people make us out to be! :-D

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thanks for stopping by. Been fortunate enough not to have a tip stealer as a co worker for awhile. but those ones are the worst. Good luck with school!!

Anonymous said...

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