Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrecked Wednesday

Not sure if some of you have heard of this or not, but some restaurants do their best to help out charities and such. Our particular store calls them Dining to Donates. Basically, people bring in flyer's and give them to their server and a percentage of their bill automatically goes to the charity we are sponsoring at that moment. In order to be sponsored you have to have a legitimate charity and fill out the paperwork required. Then you set a date and spread the word. The better you spread the word, the more money for your charity. Sounds good doesn't it?

Usually it is, but tonight was an exception. There were waaaay too many servers on the floor. Crappy people who were not part of the charity dining, and tables running about one an hour. Pretty much made my babysitters money tonight and now I am happy that I brought in my laptop. Since I am moving soon, there is no Internet at the house. Pretty much, not much at the house, that is useful anyway.

What sucks the most is that my two highest checks were both my worst tippers. With the exception of a young couple who acted like they were going to tip me, then left me nothing. I just don't understand people. If you offer to take all of your friends out and proceed to act like a hot shot, "Don't just fucking act like one!!! BE ONE!!" I swear if any of my friends took me and other out to dinner and said "My treat!" They better tip the right percentage too. Nothing says "I'm a GIANT asshole!" like picking up the entire check and then fucking over the server. Personally, we as servers would rather there be individual checks. I guarantee you that at least one of your friends know how to tip far better then you, the so-called big shot. To all of those that do the above mentioned, get a job in the serving industry. Even part time. Just for a month. I dare you!! Doubt you could handle it.

I am really trying to think of something positive to say right now, but the only thing I can think of that makes me smile is the fact that I know my children will NOT be working in the service industry. And that they will still know more about tipping then at least half of the people I wait on.

Sorry, just flat out pissed off tonight. Hope your evening was better then mine.


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