Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avoiding The Issue?

What issue? You may ask of me. Well the issue of whether or not to come here and bitch. I read some of my stuff and then I thought. "Man, I'm a grouchy Bitch!" And no wonder. I hate the restaurant I am working at now. Everyone keeps saying there is money there and when Christmas season comes things will change. Screw that!!! Seriously! I am so tired of "I don't know why we aren't busy shit." I am tired of going in there and being put into first to go sections. Others beg to go home and get better sections then me. Yet I have to continually ask to bump up. To top it off, I am still one of the top sellers. We are having a contest now. Whoever wins will get an IPOD. I am trying like hell to win it so the IPOD will become a Christmas gift. I am beating everyone and yet still, I have to repeatedly ask to be bumped up the crappy totem pole.

Now I know I am not the only person who needs money. I know I am not perfect and that though I try my service isn't always on the grand scale of things. But one of, if not two of the people who continually close, pisses me off. Not by what they do or say, but by the fact that they SUCK!!!!! Not at a person. Sad to say, I actually like one of them. But they get just a bit busy and never come into the back to check on food or even to get refills it seems. One time I was rolling silverware and timed this one person. They never came back there during my 20 minute time keeping. That is ridiculous. They didn't run a single piece of their food. Others who were off the clock kept jumping in to help and I just wanted to scream at them. Not because they were being team players. But because they were doing work for someone, who when I checked, was sitting on their ass talking to a table.

I mean come on? Really? I have tables that I love to talk to, but I also know how to excuse myself and do my job at the same time. Maybe if the world was fair. Ahhh, but it isn't, is it?

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