Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hard Days Night

No I am not talking about the Cafe' LOL. It was the third busiest day in the restaurant business. Let me say.. ordered chaos. It is the days I live for, work wise that is. Everything and everyone running rapidly around, guests coming and going quickly, no campers today. The cooks were on it, ticket times were great. Structure was around, but chaos abounded. I love any holiday time when your a server. Grumpy guests are at a minimum, happy people make for a more entertaining atmosphere. It makes your long day just fly by and your body sore by the end of the night. Heaven and Hell, just like life.

You can make better money on holidays as well, but it isn't just about that, well at least not for this server. As I have stated before, I am a single mom. My boys are my priority and that is wonderful to me. My outside life consists of work, so when I have a happy day at work, it is like going out with my girlfriends and having a few drinks. It is fun. I had some of the most crazy people in my section tonight. All of them with a sense of humor. I mean if you get my jokes, you rock. I tend to make fun of myself, for everyone should be able to find the humor in themselves before they can truly appreciate the humor of others. So if I tell you I forgot something because I color my hair too much and wonder if you think I should sue Miss Clariol and you laugh. You are my type of guests. I can then have a mini laugh show with you, hell the other night I played a prank on my table. Bad of me to be sure, but they got me back and played a prank on me. But it was fun, we laughed, they went home happy and I went off to clean with a smile on my face. I love it. I know I do alot of pure Bitching in my posts, but days like today, I can only smile and say "I love my job!"

"Humour....not just a chuckle, not just a laugh, but a smile on the face as well as in the heart."


NML said...

You make it sound so fun. I remember when I waitressed in Florida and admittedly the great days were the ones where everyone was enjoying themselves. They went by so much quicker. The fact that this is your social time makes it all the more important for you. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement :-)

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thanks for posting a comment.. glad you liked it. I figure I let rip enough.. need some bright posts as well. I am in Florida now.. Just moved from Indiana.. wondering why I didn't do it sooner.. isn't it great here?

cathouse teri said...

I love a HARD day's night!

Oh you didn't mean that. Hehehe.

I like seeing you smile.