Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Scheduled at Home Today

So my son, who is four goes "Mommy you don't have to work today." It is a statement not a question. Unfortunately I am not working today. I usually have the same schedule every week, but business is lagging and everyone's hours have been cut. It sucks. It is worse when a four year old notices. He is pretty adjusted to when I leave and when I come home. Personally, I like that. It means no screaming fits (which some children do), no questions as to when I will be home, just a plain, but wonderful "Bye Mom, love you!"

The disaster is that if I work less, there is less money incoming. In a single income family with three boys, who all eat like pigs, that is a huge disaster. Thank God one thing is for certain in the service industry. Someone always wants to go home.

It is true, for every server you see smiling at you or walking around with a bounce in their step.. there is two in the back bitching that they had to be here today. It is one of the things I do not and probably never will understand. How can someone who makes their money only by the generosity of others afford to take a day off? I have only missed work three times in five years. And only because I had no choice. One time I threw out my back, went to the Emergency Room that day and was back on the floor in utter pain the next day.

Such is life. I must say work has been rather smooth sailing lately, with the exception of a man telling me I was pretty and had a very sexy derriere nothing much has happened, though since I am not working as much as I like, that could be the reason.

"When life hands you lemons.. .. throw them back and demand it make the lemonade for you!"


cathouse teri said...

I never had to be a single mom. But I do appreciate you all and I think we should devise a plan where we all pitch in a little to help you gals through these ruff spots.

Honestly, if you need a little help, let me know and I'll see what I can pull together.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

You are a doll.. appreciate the offer.. really I do.. but life is a pain in the butt.. and a struggle for all to boot.. One of my favorite sayings is..

Life.. love, laughter, heartache, tears, stress, pain, joy and fears.. if it wasn't so hard everyone would be doing it.

Big big Hugs to you.. and thank you for commenting on my site. And I know you read Vixens alot.. she is feeling much better.. if your read her new blog.. a bitchy woman is a healthier woman in my opinion LOL.

HUGS again

cathouse teri said...

haha... yes, I always say, "Life ~ if you're living it, you're gonna feel it!"

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Ohhh I like that better then mine.. going to have to add the to my list of sayings.. thanks :o)