Thursday, June 14, 2007

On The Way To The Mechanics(Revisited)

I have had the last few days off and therefore not had anything new to write about, so I decided to share an older post or two. Since they make more sense when they are paired. The second part is right under the first. Enjoy!

Just to give you an idea before you get to reading. This blog is about my day before I went to work. The next blog I write will be about my night at work.

As those of you who have been reading my daily blogs know, my car broke down. Again. SO..I got up and was planning to go to the mechanic, since my dad and I had done the previous work on the car together and we were at our wits end. Since I am new to Florida, I got directions from my dad who, by the way, has lived here for 9 years. What does he do? Gives me wrong ones. It's okay, I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is the fact that I turned around and was heading the right direction and the car dies in the middle of the busiest street. And do you think anyone would stop and say hey.. would you like help pushing the car out of the way. I mean I was blocking one hell of a busy ass intersection. But NOOOO.. I get stupid asses yelling out the window to fucking move my car. I would like to post this next question just for them "Want to tell me how the hell I am supposed to push a huge car across a busy intersection, with a four year old in the car and steer the damn thing at the same time, by myself?" If you can give me a logical solution then I will retract my former statement of calling you a stupid ass. But until that day comes, stupid ass is your nickname.

Finally a motorcycle policeman comes to help, he calls a police car and they drive push me to a gas station. Where luckily through the kindness of a stranger, I get the car jumped. Now the car is running and I have proper directions. So I go to PEP Boys (who by the way SUCK!!!) And low and behold what do they tell me?? We can't work on your car, it is too old. We only work on newer cars here. Since when do mechanics have age limits on vehicles? I mean honestly. That is like an 88 year old woman going to the hospital and the doctor says, "I'm sorry ma'am. Your too old. We don't offer medical assistance to people your age." Now if that happened, what good would hospitals be? They wouldn't be any more use to us then a piece of shit mechanic telling someone that their car is too old.

Sooooo .. the car dies yet again at PEP Boys (remember their name and don't take your car there) and would they come out and help. umm no.. the car is too old. I therefore depend on the kindness of yet another stranger. I get the car running again and find a mechanic to look at my car that doesn't discriminate on age. Well he is a moron. I know somethings about cars and what he was telling me wasn't right. I gave up.. I needed to try and get home and get ready for work.

I finally make it home, proceed to get ready for work. Burn myself with my iron. Yep. Have a blister. Call a taxi. Wait for the taxi. Get a phone call from the taxi man asking for directions to my house(doesn't sound like a good taxi man). Wait for the taxi. still wait for the taxi.. i give up.. I cranked up the car and took a chance I could get to work on time. Drove like a mad woman... and yes I was really mad and fed up at that time. I made it to work. Two minutes late.

When I get done writing my next blog, you will find today's positive reinforcement statement there.

Part Two!!


Since the title of this blog is Losers and Winners, I will start with the losers, since I like winners and want to end my posts on a positive note.

Todays featured losers are the 60 dollar check and the 5 dollar tippers. They sit down at your table already mad, because they had to wait. Not understanding that if you get seated to quickly, not only will you get bad service, because your waitress is slammed, but you could also crash the kitchen and then everyone will have to wait for a really long time to get thier food. So just because you have to wait for 10 minutes before you get seated, doesn't mean that the hostess doesn't want to give you a table. Or that we don't want your business. It means we try to run at a steady even pace. That way, when you finally get to sit at the table, you won't have to wait for anything. So don't take it out on your server. This particulair table was pissed off from the get go. I tried to make them smile, I was nothing but friendly, polite and courteous. But they were mad and nothing short of buying thier meal would have made them happy. But since everything was cooked properly, and they never had to ask for a refill. and nothing but thier bad attitude kept them from smiling. They took it out on me. They were rude, inconsiderate and to top it off cheap. I hope you come across this site and read 15 percent minimum is the proper tip you jerk. Also, I am there to take care of your needs, doesn't mean I am there to be treated rudely. I say this, because no matter how much a table ticks me off, I am never rude to them. It is not my nature to treat guests at my place of business as crappy as they treat me. Why not? you ask. Well because my grandmother raised me and she taught me manners. Basically the one thing alot of people lack these days. If you don't know what manners are, I suggest you take your sour ass to the library(if you know what that is) and find a book that will teach you what they are. They are located in the self help section. IF you still can't find find the book to teach you these basic fundimental skills, ask the librarian. She will know where the book you need is located. If you don't know what a librarian is the woman sitting behind the BIG desk with a computer in front of him or her. Okay done talking of ignorant idiots.

Now for the winners of today. Todays featured winners where a young married couple, who teased me that they were just on a date. Too cute. I found out she liked to cook, so I gave her my email and we are going to exchange recipes through email. I just have to say I love friendly people. The true kind that come out to dinner and when you try to talk to them or take thier order and they do not act as if you are an inconvience because you need to speak to them. So I must give this particular table a 5 star rating. As well as many thank you's for being so nice.

Now for today's positive reinforcment statement...

"Friendliness... It's not just an can be genuine too."


cathouse teri said...

That's weird. When I have days off at home I have TONS of time for writing! :)

Adventures In Waitressing said...

True I have time.. Just nothing work related to write about.. which would be rather pointless. I need to update my Drama Queen one. ;)

cathouse teri said...

Ya! Update something! Even if it's wrong! :)