Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hell's Kitchen!

Today was a double in Hell's Kitchen. It wasn't due to bad guests, mean management or lazy co-workers. Nope, it was due to no air conditioning. The entire restaurant was steaming hot. I do believe we had the same temperature on the inside of the restaurant as we did outside of it.

First of all, servers don't get to sit down. At least not that often. We are constantly running around in circles. Going in the in door, running right out the out door. We are spoiled by air conditioning. When we see guests sitting at their tables saying they are cold, we are jealous. I go home every night sticky, not only from whatever disgusting thing that gets spilled on me or that I spill on myself. From sweat. Some women say, " I don't sweat, I glisten." Yeah, right. Whatever. That is my response. I melt like an ice cube put in a cup of hot coffee. You would think that with all the melting I do on a regular basis, my ass would melt off. No such luck. I think it retains more water then the Mississippi river. They say the body is 70 percent water. Well if that is true, I need to find a special device that will drain it out of me. Oh wait... The Air Conditioner broke. I think I am down to 50 percent water retention.

So tension is high, guests are complaining, workers are flat out bitching. It was a 12 hour shift in Hell! God I love my job!! I have to keep telling myself that. I really do. I am just spoiled. I don't think I can complain about tipping or manners for awhile. I will be to busy being thankful for the air conditioner.

Despite the heat, guests were most definitely considerate. Employee's were taking turns running to stand in the freezer for two minutes. We do bathroom checks, to constantly make sure it is clean. Everyone was trying to take the turn. The bathroom air conditioner still was working. Too bad I didn't have a table with a shitty attitude. For once they might have been glad to dine in the restroom if I had offered. LOL


ZoeyBella said...

No a/c? That's insane. But at least you stuck to your guns and did your job. :)

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thanks Zoey.. I do try. I do really love my job. But no a/c capitol B I T C H lol

soccer mom in denial said...

I'm not a big A/C fan but in a restaurant I would argue that is a necessity! How awful but it sounds like you all had a very good attitude about it.