Sunday, June 3, 2007

Up for Management

I am not ashamed for what I am about to say. I am pissed off and I want the world to know exactly what corporate thinks is "Management Material."

I work with a lot of people younger then me. It is a fact that at least fifty percent of the servers are working their way through college. I think that is great. What I can not abide is lazy people. I had to miss work yesterday due to the same lack of child care issues. So I was lucky enough to pull a double. In the process someone asked me to take their closing shift. I, grateful for the extra money, took the offer. So I ended up working from the time we opened, which was 11 a.m. until the time we closed which was 11 p.m. without a break. That doesn't count the extra hour after we closed for clean up. Again, I chose this path. What I did not chose, was to close with a lazy asshole. He is 25, thinks he is God's Gift to women, rude, not a team player and LAZY. This boy, and yes I said boy, is up for management. I asked to do the easy closing shift, because I was so tired and hurting badly. He refused to switch me, even though the manager had already given it to me. Instead of helping and being a team player, he sat his ass on the counter of the sink for 30 minutes, and did NOTHING. If that was not enough laziness, he sat at a booth for 15 minuted talking to another co-worker who was already done for the night. To make him look even better (sarcasm intended) he took no less then three cigarette breaks.

Now for some lead up work. For those of you that do not know, servers are allotted sections. We are assigned certain tables, those alone are ours. One of the other closers took one of my tables by mistake, no problem, she gave me one of hers to compensate. Then she suggested that we take turns. I didn't mind. I was wanting to get out of there so taking turns would enable me to get more work done. Bad Idea!!! She stopped taking her turn and wanted to give one of my tables to the lazy ass. I said no, it is my table you can have it or I will take it. She said, "It is his turn please let him have it." She did not like my response of, "Hell no I am not going to give that lazy asshole one of my tables." She then started in on begging me, saying I shouldn't be that way. Why the hell not? I was working like a mad woman. I was and am so exhausted I can barely walk and he wouldn't so much as follow me with a tea pitcher when my hands were full to save me two trips back to the kitchen. Hell no I am not going to give a moocher one of my tables. I, of course, have a mouth on me and told him what I thought about him being a "team player." He responded, "I am looking after my tables and I am not going to help anyone I don't have too." Followed by him leaning against the counter doing nothing. My response was, "Sorry, I should have known better then to ask the laziest person in the store, that doesn't care about anyone but himself, for help." That just pissed him off further. Ask me if I care? NOPE!! He said, "Well if I asked for as much help as you.... " I didn't allow him to finish. I was so mad I don't remember exactly what I said to him. Either way, I seriously doubt I made a friend tonight. Again, I don't care!

I transferred from a store in Indiana to a store in Florida. I opened to brand new franchises. Where I instilled team work policies with each opening. Even something as simple as a follow can enhance a guests dining experience. Everyone I worked with previously was a team player. Things at my old restaurant ran smoothly. Here, no one gives a damn about anyone, but themselves. Then management wonders why guests are complaining more and the business is lagging. DUH! Lazy people!

The highlight of the night was the girl closer clocking out and refusing to take more tables before we officially closed and him rejecting a table because the guests were black. That just pissed me off so bad that I went to management. I am not a tattle tale. But racism is a very, very, very big NO NO to me. I hate it. I hate any stupidity that allows it to continue. Whether it is sexual or color based. Racism is NOT ignorance. It is a lack of intelligence called STUPIDITY! There is no cure. The only thing that will stop it, is the next generation. We have to raise our children better, they are the future. When I am eighty I want to know my children will have changed this world for the better, if by nothing else then, not being racist!

I went way off base, but I don't care. Just thought I would introduce what some companies considered "Proper Management Material!" Sucks doesn't it?

Here is today's positive reinforcement statement.

"Be positive, be truthful, be kind, be loving, be fair, be helpful and many more things.. but most importantly be yourself."

I know that has nothing to do with the post, but I am still too pissed off to think of something better. I will do better next time. I promise!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is a blatent rip off of Waiter Rant. Come up with something original!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

For your information.. Waiter Rant does a wonderful job and is far more eliquent then I. I write about my life not his and I started writing before I found his site, not after. I bitch, he tells stories. Huge difference if you had bothered to read my entire blog and not just this one, you would have noticed. Sorry you feel that it is a rip off. Waiter Rant is an excellent site, but he is not the only other one out there, though his is the best. Though I think it is admirable that you stand up for Waiter, too attack me for what I do is just ridiculous and shameful. My blog is a venting platform, a stress reliever. More for my benefit then for anything else. So basically I am saying I don't really care what you think.

Have a great day.. and I would worry about yourself before worrying about what I do.

Vixen said...

Anonymous troll,

Would you say that Hemingway was a rip off of Shakespeare or that Newton was a rip off of Einstein? Genius comes in all forms and extensions. Just because one blogger blew up doesn't mean that everyone else that blogs is a copier. Waiter Rant, as much as I like his blog doesn't own the right to write exclusively about the restaurant industry.

I noticed you were too cowardly to leave your blog. Guess that's cos you probably don't even have one, aren't that creative on it, but instead spend your life harassing innocent people. It's a free country and you don't have to read her blog. Get Over Yourself.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

I just had to add.. This is a letter from Waiter.. I wrote him because I did not wish for him to think I was a copier of his work.. Here is his reply.. Straight from the email!!

"Hey, I got the idea of Waiter Rant from Manhattan
Waiter ( so go figure.

Wait on. Write on Rock on!

Best wishes!


Jeansclad said...

It amazes me how a person can make a disparaging remark to someone they don't know, and not have the gonads to leave their name. Having a place to make remarks about your feelings and stresses is important to everyone. Having some idiot come along and make stupid comments about your thoughts is totally assinine. Evidently 'anonymous' doesn't really have the strength of his/her convictions, if he/she isn't able to announce to everyone, "Hey, this is my name, and this is what I think!"

Ignore the idiot is my suggestion!!

As Waiter says....ROCK ON!!

ZoeyBella said...

I like your blog - keep it up!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thanks Zoey..totally enjoyed your blog as well.. I shall return!

cathouse teri said...

Are you not able to approach the manager with these issues?

Adventures In Waitressing said...

I try not to be.. shall we say a Tattle tale.. but I did let my manager know the whole situation. He didn't defend him at all. He did mention that he knew that "the other server" wasn't perfect and he would make note of it and keep a closer eye out. That is something. I don't want him fired. I just want him to act like a decent co-worker.