Monday, July 9, 2007

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Welcome to the Candy Shop! No, not really, but that is what it feels like sometimes in the restaurant industry. Personally, if you need it for medicinal purposes, go for it. If you are using it to get high, well like the title says "Stupid is as stupid does."

You can divide up the employees in percentages. 60% do drugs, 20% sell and do drugs and the other 20% are actually people who love the restaurant industry. It is nothing to come into work and see co-workers strung out. Alas, not everyone can tell. Some people are so adept at hiding it, you as a guest would never be able to tell.

Example: There is one girl at my work in particular. When you see her at your table, she is kind, friendly, bubbly and very adept. But when she comes in the in door, look out. She is so wound up so tight, I do believe her head will pop off one day. I am serious. At first glance, she is sweet and considerate, but after you work with her for a week, you want to strangle her. Literally. God forbid you tick her off. Once she is pissed, she doesn't shut up. I had to work with her one night that someone, early in the shift, made her mad. She in turn, drove the rest of us crazy. She ranted and raved to everyone that would listen in earshot. If there wasn't anyone, she would constantly talk to herself. She reminds me of one those old fashioned wind up toys. (See picture above) Except all you have to do to wind her up, is push her buttons the wrong way. She is a prime example of someone who needs to lay off the uppers.
Personally, if I am going to be stuck with someone doing drugs, I would rather work with the potheads. All they do is loaf off and nibble on every single thing they can get their hands on. They only make me want to choke them on the weekends. Those are the days when doing side work is most important. They will take the last knife and instead of getting more, they will stand around and talk. Standing pretty much everyplace you need to walk in.
Just to let you know, not all of them do illegal drugs. Some of them drink. Life is always interesting in a restaurant. Basically, I work in a three ring circus. I can only thank the stars that I am not the Ringmaster.


cathouse teri said...

Omigod, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Hey, girl, where's my picture? :)

soccer mom in denial said...

My omigod is for different reasons - I would kill someone if the majority of my colleagues were stoned, high, whatever. As if sober people were not irratating enough!!

ZoeyBella said...

We have people like your co-worker in the newsroom all the time. The worst thing you can do is try to talk to a journalist or piss one off. It's almost as if they sit around waiting for it.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Just makes me want to pull my hair out at times. Trust me.

Teri.. I am working on that pic for you wench. I swear.

SID... Trust me.. I think some sober people are lying and are on drugs LOL

Zoey.. I totally sympathize. Maybe your co-workers should lay off the coffee LOL

Anonymous said...

sounds daunting. I wonder why so many in this business do drugs?

Go any clues? I can understand factory workers with really boring tedious jobs...hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you, Idiots guide to Marriage is my "secret" blog..heehee, don't tell anyone k? Speaking of which I need to post something over there

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Honestly as to why so many do drugs in a restaurant enviroment. My only response would be to say, servers make their money on a daily basis so it is easy access to cash to get ahold of the good. Plus there is a lot college kids experimenting. The ones that get me are the ones that have been doing this for years and are serving just to support their habit.

Don't worry.. your secret is safe with me.