Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Brain Ran Away!

So I have been having a bit of a writer's block. I was talking to a friend of mine online and my brain decided to go drinking with hers. The brain's got drunk and had some fun, while I have been wandering around trying to locate where they were drinking. The brains returned home totally intoxicated. Mine is officially sobered up.

I worked on tonight. I really thought we would be dead. As in, no business. I was surprised to see so many dining out on a family holiday. Most servers dread working a holiday. It really is a toss up. Either you are busy as hell and short staffed to boot or dead and bored out of your mind. Working a holiday usually sucks no matter what you do. I personally dread working them. Don't get me wrong. I tend to make better money on a holiday. I just for one time would like to spend it with my children. The youngest doesn't understand. The middle one says he does, but I can tell I disappoint him. The oldest is resigned to it.

Tonight was basically couples night. Maybe they don't have family in the area. I seen a few families, but not many. Maybe it is me, but when I was growing up. The 4th of July was cookout central and firework frenzy day. Every kid in the family was excited to be a part of it.

Not dogging the staying open on a holiday. It comes with the territory of working in a restaurant. Just wondering why we are such a fast paced society anymore that we HAVE to stay open. Somethings were just better the old way. Family days and holidays go hand in hand. Probably wouldn't complain so much if I wasn't a single mother, never mind. I complain a bunch so probably would anyway.

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! I promise to write more often.


ZoeyBella said...

Complainig is funny... keep posting... and happy 4th to you too!

Vixen said...

I worked the holiday too. the best part is I get paid double for it;)

soccer mom in denial said...

Write more! Write more!

soccer mom in denial said...

Now I'm serious. Brain, oh brain, come back!