Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cell Phone Frenzy

Basically I haven't had too much to write about, things have been reality normal at work at least.

Though today, there was a high number of cell phone users. Cell phones don't really bother me. Hell I own one. What bothers me is how people go about using them. People are just down right inconsiderate about it.

Several of my tables today, sat down. When I greeted them, their phones rang. No excuse me, not even to their table guests. I was trying to get a drink order at one table. I finally just looked at the cell phone users lunch companion and stated. "I will be back shortly."

I am not going to stand there at any table and wait for someone to acknowledge me when they feel like it. If you don't want someone to wait on you, why do you go out to a sit down restaurant? It makes no sense. Are people so oblivious to anyone but themselves, that they can't even order their meal?

It seriously irks me. I get tired of going to a table, not even being able to say Hello. And BAM! A phone rings. I have seen a table of two people, have and entire meal, while one person is on the phone. Just the person I want to dine with. NOT! The one table I seen that takes the cake was a family. The mom and the dad were on the phone, the oldest son had an IPod in his ear, their daughter had a Blue Tooth in her ear, the youngest daughter was watching a portable DVD player and the youngest son was playing a portable Nintendo. Not a single soul spoke to each other except to order their meal. I know this is the Age of Convenience, but good grief. These people needed to spend their time as a family. I would hate being them and waking up one morning and have not a single fun family dinner moment.

What are your opinions on that one?


NML said...

It's the height of rudeness for people two people to sit at a table whilst one yaps on the phone. I often wonder what people did before they were contactable everywhere? I like to cut off and I don't feel that i have to answer every single call. I certainly wouldn't wait at a table for someone to dignify me with their presence. Let them call you when they're ready :-)


I am not a waitress, but I have been in the past....I know what you mean. As a restaurant irks me to no end to be out with my family, or my hubby and have to sit down next to someone with a cell phone stuck to their ear, don't even get me started on those ridiculous blue tooths. I have a cell phone too, but I feel there is a time and place for using one, not while dining out, or driving..

ZoeyBella said...

I'm a writer/journalist, so I'm on the phone/blackberry more than I care to be. But to me, a restaurant is a holy place. Food is served there. And I'll be damned if someone or something is going to get in the way of my meal! :P

TLP said...

Restaurants should ban cell phones. There was a time, believe it or not, when we could not be reached on the phone each and every minute of our lives.

soccer mom in denial said...

Oh my god. Oh my god! Can you just give me 15 minutes to RANT!! I lose it when someone in on their cell in line for coffee never mind at a restaurant. And when I see kids with DVDs at the table I go ballistic. My kids once longingly looked on as an INFANT was having a DVD plopped in front of her at a Applebee's (seriously - an infant is happy with freakin' Cheerios) which caused me to LOUDLY exclaim what is the point of being together if you aren't going to talk to each other?

The urchins I birthed have never moaned for a DVD at a restaurant again.

And then, in New Orleans last year we were in one of those restaurants you had to beg to get into (or at least sleep with someone or offer your first born child) and this guy at another table spent the entire time on his Blue Tooth. Even the New Orleanians we were with were floored.

You don't get paid enough to deal with this sh*t. Really.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

LOL.. Thanks for all the shares. SMID.. feel free to rant anytime you want. I agree with you one hundred percent.

TLP.. welcome welcome.

I personally sit with flash cards and stuff like that. Keeps the littlest one occupied and educates him as well. I found these nifty ones that have an erasable marker with them, so now he not only learns his ABC's, but he learns to write them as well. I sometimes wish I could afford a whole bunch of them, and when I see parents with little ones watching DVD players.. hand them a pack of the learning cards.

Now the experssions on their faces would be priceless.

evercurious said...

In Japan there are machines that disable cell phones when people are in restaraunts. I have fantasized about these machines from time to time. I hate it when people come in and put the server on hold because of their phone conversation. I guess they think the only thing we have to do is stand around and wait on them to order. People can be so ridiculous and self centered. As for the dvd thing, Do you ever wonder if later in life those kids will be adults that don't leave home without their dvd player?

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Evercurious.... Wow! I would totally love to see something like that here in the states. I would also like to see them do it without telling anyone. Could you imagine the looks on all of the peoples faces as they wandered around trying to get a connection. A sight to behold.

evercurious said...

that would be hilarious.

Christine said...

I put a sign up in my reception area that bans cell phones. "Cellphone free zone. For the consideration of customers and employees, all phones must be turned off beyond this point." I understand my clients time is valuable but so is mine and so is yours. If they have better things to do and people to talk to....let them do it on their own time, not ours. Good rant!