Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take Me Out

Ever go to a nicer restaurant and order take out? I used to only think of take out as Chinese or when my table would order an additional item to take home. Not anymore.

Last night I bar tended. I am the relief bartender. I actually enjoy it more then serving, but don't tell anyone. ;o) Last night I got my ass kicked. Seriously. I appreciate our bartenders more now. No longer will I stand impatiently waiting for a drink. I finally was busy enough when I bar tended to see exactly what they are going through.

Not sure about some places, but in ours, our bartenders not only have the bar, they have four tables and they take care of the take out orders. A lot of work for three dollars an hour. Thankfully, some people tip on take out orders. Which is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, other do not.

I have been reading up on this subject before I write about it. The general consensus is that 10% is fair and I highly agree with that. There is nothing like being on a roll and dishing out drinks to suddenly stop everything to take a phone call. Rather irritating really. Not that I mind taking the calls, it is that they just seem to arrive at the worst possible times.

My bar was full last night, not a seat empty. My tables were full as well. And at one point I had five take out patrons standing, waiting patiently for me to cash them out and give them their food. I kept my cool, but boy was I ever wanting to be able to stop just for a moment and breathe. Didn't happen.

The funny thing is, I ordered a take out cheesecake for myself. And wouldn't you know it, I didn't tip myself and I forgot the damn thing at work. God's way of telling me my fat ass doesn't need take out I guess.

Thankfully last night all of the take out orders were very patient and nice. So if you can't tip your take out person. At least be nice.


ZoeyBella said...

Everybody needs cheesecake and takeout. I personally do take-out quite a bit (given my line of work and the fact that I'm single and have nobody at home)

I always make sure to leave something for the people, be it a dollar or whatnot. It's the least a person can do.

I still think I should put a tip jar on my desk at work though...

NML said...

OK here they don't really tip for takeout but we have a totally different attitude towards tips here in Europe and definitely in the UK. However it's not unusual to see tip jars in just about everywhere as people chuck in their loose change. Takeout from restaurants is the best type. I prefer that to places that do food specifically for takeout and I can have the feel of my favourite eatery at home.

Christine said...

Hey,,,were you abducted by aliens?

becca28 said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and the second I read the first post a felt a connection. I've only been serving (up in Canada) for a year now, but I feel that I have had enough experiences I want to bitch about to write a book!

This post struck me the most because I understand how crazy bartending can be. At the restaurant I'm at, the bartender has 14 bar stools, plus 5 high tops and 6 booths, plus another section of tables that can sit up to 25 people. Plus the bartender does all the drinks and takes all of the takeout orders. I filled in once to help out a bartender and, as you said, I will never stand there impatiently waiting for my drinks again.

I guess I just want to let you know your bitching is being heard and we agree with you...people just don't understand the concept of tipping and the concept of proper etiquette!