Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Same Song Woes

Sorry I have been Missing In Action so to speak. Just been caught up in real life. Working six days a week. Hell my kids are lucky if I see them. Now on to the purpose of the title.

Have you ever been to a restaurant on your birthday? Better yet, do you work in one that has that stupid ass birthday song? God I hate ours. I had a contest with several servers one day. We were arguing over whose birthday song was the worst. I am happy to report.. or maybe unhappy to report ... I was the winner of the worst song!! I received a round of "I'm sorry's!" Truly it was funny as hell.

Not only is the birthday boy or gal embarrassed, so are the singers. We have to ignore our guests to go sing a seriously annoying song. To make ourselves feel better though, we have created our own versions and variations of the song we have to sing. Though we usually sing it about people who annoy us. Not always our guests. I have sang the song, or rather my version of it, dedicated to many a co-worker who has annoyed me beyond belief.

Here is my version. It is personally for people who piss me off. Enjoy!

Fried chicken,
Broken glass,
Your so stupid,
Kiss my ass.

The beauty of this song is, that when I sing it, my co-workers who have annoyed me think I am making fun of the song. Little do they know. The joke is on them.


soccer mom in denial said...

We heard a server try to get people to sing to a guest when we were in a VT restaurant. It was painful to hear "I've got to finish serving XYZ" or "I need to get their order".

It made me decide never to inflict my family's birthdays on servers.

And I'll read you whenever you post.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thing is.. I don't always dislike singing the song. I love doing it for the kids. They get a giggle out of the Hot Dog. But every year in November I avoid dining out with friends. I know what is coming for me LOL

evercurious said...

Birthdays are the worst! We have to gather all the servers, a chef hat, party popper and a polaroid camera. Then we sing and most everyone is off key. It's almost painful. I dread it when I see a big party come in with birthday paraphanalia. It's a daily occurance for us because I work in a hibachi restaraunt, but I could live without it.

ZoeyBella said...

Never liked the birthday songs at restaurants. I always felt bad for the people who have to sing it as well as for the people who have to hear it.

Christine said...

Yooo hooooo. You're missing again.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

I will be back tonight.. I am leaving for the store now. But trust me.. coming back.