Saturday, April 28, 2007

Verbal Abuse Is Still Abuse

Just to let you know before I even start telling about the latest adventure, it was not a good one and if you don't like bad, bad language, just stop reading now.

I have seen some awful people in my day as a server. This guy that I had the "pleasure" (sarcasm) of serving tonight made me wish I could quit on the spot. He was a gigantic ASSHOLE! Not only was he ugly in the physical sort of way, his personality did nothing to approve upon his appearance. This jerk walks in with three attractive women. I seat them in my section, because I am a closer and unfortunately for me, it was my turn. He starts bitching right away about the table he is sitting at, when he picked the damn thing.

"I don't want a booth," snidely he comments.

"If a table is more to your liking, how is this one?" I politely offer a close one.

"No I want that one over there, don't you have a bigger table?"

"I can make any of these tables bigger for you if you like." I reply.

"Fine, I want this one. And I want it made larger now."

Now I am thinking, "Well if your fat ass stomach wasn't so fucking big you wouldn't need a bigger table."

Everyone seats themselves immediately after I expand the table to go with this jerks expanding waistline. Since I work for a corporation, I have things I am required to say to each table.

"So have you ever dined at a _____ before?"

"Of course we have, that is why we come back. Why do every time I come in here someone asks me the same damn question?" was his asinine reply.

"I am sorry sir, we ask everyone that in order to know whether to inform them or not about how generously we season our steaks. It is a tradition not to have a steak sauce on our table. Also, some guests do not like a large amount of seasoning for digestive reasons. It is our way of letting us know whether or not to inform you."

"Well that is just plain stupid. Just take our order I want to eat." hillbilly style.

"May I start you out with something....."

"You can stop talking now, I will have a sweet tea.. ect"

Rude ass! He was talking to me from then on out as if I was a sixth grader and that I would mess up everything. He proceeds to order for himself and one of the women at the table. The woman is looking embarrassed. She starts to say she likes something that he requested be left off of her food. He begins to treat her like an idiot and says "Fine then, we won't order the Cheese Fries." She ducks her head like she is afraid of this man.

First off, she is a nice looking woman. He was indeed an unattractive man. Not just because he is a fat ass. I have a fat ass too. He is just fucking ugly. I talk as little as possible to this table for the rest of their stay. But witnessed him talking to her. He constantly treated her like shit. Hell I bets he gives his own ass more respect when he wipes it.

I came so close to telling this egotistical bastard what I thought of him. If I had a job lined up already, I would have.

Verbal abuse is still abuse. If you sit there and let someone tear you apart emotionally and mentally you are being abused. If you cower every time someone who supposedly cares about you, speaks to you, you are being verbally abused. If you do not value yourself for who you are, and only let what everyone says to you influence you, you are not only receiving that abuse, you are inducing it upon yourself. I will tell you like I do and have all of my children. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. For if you do not love yourself for who you are, and live you life like you want too. You are not being true to yourself. Life is too damn short to sit there and let someone else control you and make your life miserable. There is too much misery and pain in life already, don't let someone add it to you.

And don't be like the affore mentioned man. He spent $82.30 and left a $4.70 tip. Talked to his woman as if she was a dog. Treated his server as if she was an idiot. Constantly walks around thinking his shit doesn't stink, but he is shit himself. Believe me.. there are enough assholes in this world. We don't need more of them.

Today's positive reinforcement statement follows.

"Karma is real and around you. Being true to yourself will surround you with those who really care."

An Adventuress


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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ditzy886 said...

Hey! So yeah , I'm glad you have your blogs to write in because other wise I would be getting this anger half of you whewww, takes a load off! Anyways, This dude was definately an asshole and i'm actually very proud of you and how u act your fuckin age at your work atmosphere. See if he would have done that shit anywhere else to you you would have very adult like and tactful hopefully, told him to go "Fuck himself"! As far as it goes with the woman that was being treated like a dawg, verbal abuse is definately abuse and it could lead to even worse situations. I love how you write and I love you to death, and I love how you always give a positive note at the end of your blogs everytime. Well , I hope that karma hits that guy in the worse way possible,(choke on his steak) j/k I would never wish death on anyone but he did deserve it. Well you better write about your good night tonight!! also when i come to eat there i will run the bill to 100.00 and leave a 4.00 tip, just kidding you know where I sleep. lol!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

ROTFLMAO.. your damn right I know where you sleep.. run me to death for a 4 buck.. your silly. A crazy ass to be sure. Thanks for stopping in to say hello.


cathouse teri said...

I've been in the service industry. My daughter is presently a cocktail waitress at a cowboy bar and has to put up with TONS of shit. Honestly, I don't think a manager should expect a server to put up with such a person as that man. It should be the manager who tells that person he is not welcome at that restaurant.

My grandbaby's mommy, who is someone I adore, is a sweet natured, lovely girl. She was working as a cashier at a grocery store, and one evening, a customer started hollering at her for putting tomatoes and bell peppers in the same bag together. She said, "What, are you an idiot? You don't know you shouldn't do that? Do they teach you anything here when they hire you, or do you just get to work here as an idiot?" Beth, put down the bag, looked straight at the woman and said, "Bag your own fucking groceries, bitch." Then she walked out and went into her car and started bawling. The manager came out and said she told the woman she was out of line. Beth said, "I'm quitting anyway. I can't work in a place where that woman was not stopped before I had to stop her."

But I know how it feels. You need the job. You stay and put up with it.

Does the manager know how this patron treated you?

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Wow.. big Kudos for her standing up for herself.. She has brass and she valued herself enough to stand up..

I didn't bring the manager into it.. He was the last table of the night and the way he was acting I could read him as the type to lie and get me into trouble.. though my manager would have known the truth.. they still would have ended up buying the mans meal if I had brought my manager into it. I work for a corporation that is all about keeping the guest happy happy happy.. I think we should just induce happy pills in the drinks and get it over with.

Cocktail waitress' have it harder in my opinion.. they don't have as much detailed work as I do.. but they in turn have sleazy men to deal with. I can barely keep my mouth shut sometimes. I know if i did cocktail waitressing, I would probably toss someone out on their behind without asking for a bouncer. Red head.. red temper LOL