Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phase Me Outta Here!!!!

So I was re-reading some of my recent work and realized I have been a bit to philosophical. Here I thought I was bitchy and rude and doing my damnedest to get my point across. Pretty sure I was failing. Because I have had and even larger amount of worthless idiots either entering my place of employment or working there themselves. Now I know it doesn't sound nice to bad mouth your co-workers. Really don't care. Not many of them give a shit about me anyways. I know the ones who do versus the ones who don't. Before you judge me, look about at your place of employment and tell me if there isn't someone there you wouldn't like to slap on a daily basis and I will call you a liar.

Today's rant is going back to the same old situation of not phasing or cutting the floor down on servers. Thirteen servers on a Saturday night in the midst of summer is not only too much, but down right stupid. If you don't have any faith in your serving staff, you better hire new ones and squeeze out the worthless ones right away.

We had ten servers on a lunch shift that was so dead I heard a napkin hit the floor. The floor is carpeted. When I asked the manager of the shift if he was considering sending people home soon he replied nonchalantly "Nope." So I asked, "Particular reason why not?" He answered, "So everyone has a chance to make money."

That pissed me off so badly that I wanted to smack him silly. I mean really??!! That doesn't allow for anyone to make money. When the restaurant is like that, people would rather go home then stay there for four hours to make $15. I worked a five hour shift and after tip out I made....drum roll please......$30!!! That doesn't even cover my gas for the week.

So, I knew tonight was going to be pointless. I was in a crappy section, and set to be one of the first to leave. I was fed up and pissed off and had something else I would rather do. So asked if I could have the night off. I might add, different manager this time. She said, "No. We are going to be busy." Well her psychic abilities suck ass, because again we were dead and I got to stay there for... another drum roll if you please....almost 4 hours and make.. $11 dollars!!! If I could, I would call in tomorrow and tell them to go fuck themselves. But I am the type that just has to have another job under her belt first.

Sucks being responsible.

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