Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet N Low Blow

I had to do one of the most disgusting jobs a server has to do, the other day. I was encouraged to scrap gum off of the underside of tables. Because even though this is the year 2010, people are still tacky and nasty. One creative person used a package of Sweet N Low for his/her gum. Then stuck the gum to the table. Let me say that was sooooo much fun to remove. Nothing like having white powder flying everywhere. Looked like cocaine floating in the air. Like when you see it on one of the CSI shows.

Here were are in the years of technology and we have lost the ability to use a paper napkin??? Seriously. I manage to catch my 7 year old all the time trying to use his pants. Drives me absolutely bonkers, especially since there is a napkin right next to his plate. I am pretty sure his mess hands were right by the plate when he was reaching for his food. Have napkins become taboo? I ask this, because every meal I say "Use your napkin please." Every meal, he tries to sneak and use his pants. Is it a boy thing? Is my son brain damaged? Or are we as technology gets advanced, regressing?

To quote a famous commercial. "The world may never know."

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