Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On My Knees!!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Don't even deny it. You know you went there, didn't ya?

My knees have been bugging me for about a year now. I figure it is because I am not the smallest woman. I have said more then once that I have a fat ass. Well I have fat everywhere, happens when you are overweight. But ten years of working on my feet, my year long pain, has come to a one week climax. And not the good kind either. My left knee has been hurting so bad that walking on it is damn near impossible. Pain pills do NOT help either.

Since I am ever the loyal employee, I haven't missed work despite the never ending pain. As I am working, I limp along, quickly as possible. Smiling at each of my tables and making sure refills are poured. Not to mention every other detail my job requires. I have had a few tables ask me what is wrong. I explain. They proceed to sympathize and leave me $3 on $50. Floors me every time. I have said in the past, if I deserve a bad tip from a table, I will say so. I know when I screw up, slack off or just plain forget. Hey I am human, no where near perfect. But to short tip a person who is in obvious pain, yet made sure your experience was perfect?? Really? Are we as a society that big of assholes?

Beginning to think so.

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Linka72 said...

Thank God I befriended a waitress when I was in my 20's. She taught me the importance of PROPER tipping..I used to work on my feet a lot too and I actually had stress fractures in BOTH heels..had to wear that big metal orthopedic boot for 2 months - yeah, sexy.
I hope you feel better soon.