Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summertime Blues

There ain't no cure! Just to quote a famous song and a remake of a famous song. Because with the limitless knowledge and floundering writers out there, remakes of previous hit songs are what we desire. Since when did humans crave monotony?

Seriously though, I forget why I whine, bitch and moan that summer isn't here. I forget that when that lovely weather appears, my money disappears. Not to mention I get that wonderful summer itch and I don't want to be at work at all. That isn't any good. I mean if I leave work and the customers aren't going there either, hum where's the money? Somebody show it to me please! Not joking. I am pretty sure I am going to have to get yet another job for the summer. So much for taking the kids to a theme park if I do that.

That is the down thing about being a server. It is so hit or miss. There are days that $2.13 is actually all you make. By the time Uncle Sam gets done with that, you are in the negative. Besides that fact that if you don't see a paycheck and you don't see any guests, you might see an eviction notice. Very bad combination indeed.

Sorry a bit dreary today. I am missing Florida and the fact that I have a couple of days off coming up and I would REALLY love to go to the beach. But can't afford the gas for the 13 hour drive. Oops! Such is life at times. Who knows? We might actually have people come in out of the heat for lunch tomorrow. Hey, an adventuring waitress can dream ya know!

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