Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese and Me *old*

Well another day in the life of a waitress. But this time it was my day off and decided to spend some time at Chuck E. Cheese's surrounded by children, games and food. Go figure another restaurant. I can say that I made the choice to be there to spend quality time with my son. Since that is my main priority on my days off.

Now for the main reason I am posting this blog today. This one is to the mothers and fathers out there that take their kids to Chuck E. Cheese and let the restaurant be the babysitter. Get off of you lazy ass, quit stuffing the pizza down your throat and actually walk around and keep an eye on your children. This one woman sat on her butt while her four kids went up to the Chuck that is a robot and watched as they beat the robot with a hammer. Now the hammer was a toy, but still let me say this" Way to go!! You're really teaching your children proper public behavior. I bet your boy gets kicked out of school for being a bully someday!!"

IF you have children,, try being a parent not just a fetus carrier. Children require a lot of work and a lot of attention so if you can't handle four of them then you should have kept your legs closed, made him wear a condom, or invested in birth control. There are places out there that charge little. or are you too lazy to go? this woman sure wasn't too lazy to get laid.

I do truly wonder if there are people out there with any sense at all. But I can honestly say there were a lot of parents there today that were truly spending time with their kids, not just giving them tokens and turning them loose. The lady above was actually one of the few doing that, at least today.. So Kudos to the parents I saw today that were actually having fun with their children. When they get older they may not remember that precise moment, but if you are always doing that.. they will always remember those type of moments fondly.

Since I didn't work today and have some idiot to complain about that was my own. I will leave off until tomorrow.
Here is today's positive reinforcement statement.

"Children.. you can't help but love them. For no one can make you smile bigger or laugh harder then a child."

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