Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Bitchin Blog *old blog, first ever*

I think I decided to make my blog site one for venting.. so if you come across this and all you read is my bitching well that is what the blog is for. So if you don't like my views.. guess what I live in a free country where we have freedom of speech so if you don't like it.. don't read it.

Example.. what every happened to common respect and courtesy? I am a server, waitress as some still call it. Yes I am there to wait on you. But guess what I am not an idiot. Not only am I taking care of you and the six others you brought in.. I have five other tables with no less then two people each at them. So if I forget your butter once, it is not because I am stupid, but because I had to remember about ten other things and I only have two hands to carry everything with. Also server average on their hourly pay rate about 2 to 3 dollars an hour. And we NEVER see a paycheck... so if you spend 70 dollars and tip us three you are insulting us just go to McDonald's and spend 20.. save yourself 53 dollars. McDonald's employees don't expect a tip. Now if I give bad service.. then just stiff me.. seriously.. i would rather be stiffed then insulted.. and if you tip a dollar on a 100 like a friend of mine had happen.. and he is an excellent server.. then take your happy ass to the grocery store spend the money on food and cook it.. carry it.. basically get it your damn self.

Now don't get me wrong.. I love my job.. I love meeting new people everyday.. I am a chatterbox.. but things that should be done are not being done anymore. Then all you hear are people complaining about how the world sucks...Well duh!!! Stop bitching and do something.. if your in a bad mood ..don't take it out on someone else.. smile.. the person you look at will smile back and that will make you feel better, at least a little bit. But this post was mainly.. to tell the cheap assholes out there to learn how to tip or go to the fast food place around the corner..

Feel free to comment.. as since this is my first real post I will be happy to read any comments you feel like posting.

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