Friday, April 20, 2007

Stressed OUT and No One To Choke *old*

Well are you ready for it. I have had one heck of a day. From the time I got up until the time I got home. Days like this one just make me want to scream. As I stated in yesterdays post my car broke down. Again! Someone so nicely sold me a bad alternator. I can deal with that. But this really nice man stopped and jumped my car so I could get to my dad's to fix it. And I tell you I must have the world's most contagious Karma. He managed to lock his keys in his car while it was running. I felt so bad. He got my car to start, then he was stuck. There wasn't a single thing I could do to help him either. Very frustrating. Then the Auto Store sold me two wrong parts, and it was getting really close to time for me to go to work. So my car is still broke. Figures. I am over it. I will finally repair it fully tomorrow.

Now for what you have been waiting for, the bitching. I tell you the first class cheapskates were out tonight. Forty dollar checks and 3 dollar tips.. Apparently we as servers need to unite and say...."Ummm, excuse me..Are you on welfare? Or are you having financial troubles? If so.. I will happily give you your tip back if you need it more then me." and of course we will be thinking.. "I know you are not having financial trouble you cheap prick. Just take your insult and leave." This page of mine is really to give the uneducated a clue. But since I am not sure all of them can read, could those of you that can please help spread the word...To quote a popular song out there.."If you ain't got no money, keep your broke ass home!"

I do have to say there was one truly shining star table. I must give them the credit in this post. They were a family of four plus a cutie of a baby boy. They had their food messed up. Not by me.(self defense there lol) and I didn't get to give them my complete attention, because I got terribly busy. But I can say they didn't have to ask for refills:o) Even though not everything was perfect. They were nothing but polite, considerate and kind. They truly knew I was busy and working hard. Hell at one point I finally gave up trying to keep up. I had to leave all of my tables unattended..sometimes a server must attended to mother nature's call. Anyway..I felt that I had not done my best like I always try to do. The point I am trying to make is, that they showed me a much needed kindness. They tipped nice, but that isn't the kindness that I am referring too. The kindness they gave was understanding. Believe it or not, that meant more then the tip. Though the tip didn't hurt LOL So I hope they come across this site and read the kind things I had to say.

Considering that my posts are usually quite vicious, I know this one is a milder one. Sorry folks, just not as grouchy as I was when I first got home. I promise to be more bitchy tomorrow.

And here is today's positive reinforcement statement. Enjoy!

" is not just something you do, you can also show it."

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