Sunday, April 15, 2007

Co Worker Frenzy

Life and times of a waitress is not only complicated by ups and downs of good tips, bad tips or happy guests versus unhappy guests. It can also be complicated by co workers that drive you down a hill with no brakes. Some have asked me, "Why do you bitch so much in your writing?" Well I do believe that it is becoming a prerequisite to be a bitchy person in order to serve. Not necessarily because you want to complain, but sometimes I believe it is the only way people hear you sometimes. But you get thirteen servers together on a busy Friday or Saturday night and you are lucky they aren't killing each other. Multiply that by two managers running the place, four hostesses scrambling about and a regional manager who thinks everyone sucks. You end up with stressed out women, men who are avoiding them and one person who thinks they know it all and that they're perfect. Enough to drive you crazy. That is just some of the escapades that happened tonight.

Working in an ordered chaos is a challenge I love, but lately I am just not feeling my choice of profession is working for me. I know most of it is attitude, and lately my attitude stinks. I am usually happy to go to work. After all work equals money, but the co worker's are bringing me down. Hell they complain more then me, and I am proficient in complaining. This blog is to give the co workers out there a hint to start acting your age. Stop taking the last item and not replacing it.. or my personal favorite. The knives are out so you go back and grab just one. For you. Laziness is rampant in servers. Don't be fooled by the fact that you see your server moving quickly around the restaurant. They are busy, friendly and maybe even efficient, but rest assured they are annoying some one in the back out of view of your eyes. Keeping ones mouth shut at work is a job itself. No wonder I write. Stress release is useful and can keep one sane.

Well I do have a personal vent just for upper management suits who probably never waited a table in there life and think they are perfect. "Bite Me!" Just because you get paid more does not mean you are "The Man." Standing in a corner watching all of us and then pointing out every tiny mistake or cashing out our tables does not make you good at your job. Not when you are doing it intentionally. Makes you look good to the guests, but like an ass to the servers. Your opinions are valid under some circumstances, but show some leniency during the busiest nights of the week. We are above all else human.

That said, all the stress is now gone. Reinforcement statement follows.

"Bitching.....not just annoying words, but a stress release tool."

An Adventuress

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