Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Break Cheapskates *old*

Well another day in the life of a working waitress. This time I am going to let the Spring Break butt heads have it. Can someone please tell me how you can go on vacation, drink like a fish, spend money like water, then go out to eat and sit on your ass and eat and drink more? And you can act like a first class snob when you know the next day you are going to be at the beach showing your tits to any drunk asshole who asks? Honey you can't be a snob and a slut....the combination just doesn't work. Just because you are young we as employees do not expect much as a tip.. really we don't, but if you spend forty dollars on alcohol and another forty on food and run us around in circles (yes we run in circles literally), we do expect a decent tip. This particular group had three checks two each were near a hundred dollars and they didn't even tip 10 percent. So I will say it again.. eat at the fast food restaurant.. then drink at the bar. I don't feel like being your running machine, maid and servant for free. Basically.. i think your an asshole..

Now I know I am not some cu pie doll you would rather have waiting on you do you can look at her ass while she shakes it.. (yes there are women out there that serve like that) I am however quite good at my job. So treat me and any other server who waits on you correctly. And yes I know there are servers out there that basically suck, believe me, I have worked with them.. some really bad ones are located in Bloomington, Indiana.. trust me.. not all college kids are smart. And some blonde's really are stupid. At least this one at that restaurant is, but again I am not her.
Just to give some more information, after all of our tables leave.. we clean them.. we don't' have busy boys.. that is for lower class restaurants like Bob Evans and Denny's. So not only are we your servers we are your clean up crew. When your child makes a huge mess on the floor, well that is my fat ass on my knees picking it up after you leave. Would you go to your mothers house and leave a mess like that? I don't think so.. she would kick your sorry ass. Also.. after you leave we clean everything that touches your food before you get it.. like plates spoons, knives, ramekins, dressings, salads.. . hell i could go on and on.

Okay, done venting for the day.. and prefer to leave on a positive note.
So here is today's positive reinforcement statement.
"Life is live it well, with class, with love, with adventure, with kindness and of course just a little bit of Bitching."

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